New Release: Life After Mars Series

The short pitch: the Life After Mars Series puts my spin on Little House with a pioneer family fighting to stay together and to survive in a dystopian 2080s Mars colony.

Books 1 & 2 of my latest series, Life After Mars, are out now, with Book 3 expected to be out by the end of this month. Download a free e-copy of Book 1 by signing up for my newsletter via My Book Cave. (Those of you already reading this via my newsletter may contact me directly for your e-copy, thanks!) Reviews would be awesome, too, please.

Anyway, I also wanted to let you know Life After Mars’s My Book Cave promotion was featured in “YA. We are here,” along with a wide assortment of YA books offering free e-copies in exchange for newsletter sign ups. I haven’t vetted any of them, but My Book Cave has a cool feature where each book has a content rating. So do go see if any are to your tastes, if you or someone you know likes to read ebooks and would be interested in snagging them for free and getting email from the authors. Oh, if you like giveaways, “YA. We are here” and author S. Breaker are offering a chance to win $20 in exchange for signing up for Breaker’s newsletter; keep in mind I don’t know the author.

Life After Mars Series Overview

Book 1: Is There Life After Mars?

On the Martian Frontier in 2084, a mystery illness threatens to kill twelve-year-old farm girl Gloria Patri Fowler Cruz. This provokes her dad, Mama’s aristocrat ex-husband Peyton, to defy social class divisions that ripped him from his family. And Gloria’s new, wearable medical device doesn’t work without an artificial intelligence. She substitutes her entertainment AI, dressed as a digital dog, Jake. Her AI develops human qualities, thanks to magic that he believes comes from God. Gloria questions if she can trust her dad, Jake, or God. In the colony’s capitol, Peyton’s vice admiral father rules like a king, hates Mama’s family, and will do anything to keep them out of the aristocracy. But politics is Dad’s thing. Gloria would rather clobber her “bro forever,” Holter Sloan. He has no time to play. He’s too busy crushing on her fraternal twin!

Book 2: Life After Venus!

At fourteen, fraternal twins Gloria and Federica have won recognition as commander’s brats, and their mother governs alongside their dad. Their parents now thrust the farm girls into the brats’ elite world. Back in school after studying at home since twelve, the twins are anxious about a coming-of-age party still a year away. On that night, a fifteen-year-old young woman normally gives her date her virginity, and the twins want to wait for marriage. The eldest twin, Federica, tests her boyfriend by withholding kissing until the party. Holter complies way too easily, and she questions why. Further, she is growing more and more worried it’s her turn to have a mystery illness, and she fears hers will kick her hard in her womanhood.

Gloria sneaks around a ban on dating her AI. He dumps her, accusing her of falling for Holter. So what if they’re tempted to neck behind her sister’s back? They’d never betray Federica. Besides, Gloria and Holter are determined to keep their promise to be “bros forever.”

Book 3: Life After Mercury;

Now seventeen, Gloria looks forward to celebrating that she remains cancer-free five years after defeating her brain tumor. But her farming community on the Martian Frontier has been under siege for five years, and they’ve run out of vital imports. Worse, the whole colony is in the path of a deadly dust storm. And the enemy putting them under siege sets a trap that threatens to wipe out Gloria’s marriage to Holter, which isn’t legally finalized until twenty. As-is, they struggle to adjust to their roles in marriage, miss their old roles as “bros forever,” and Holter never got over losing her sister to celibacy. When Gloria’s life on Mars shatters, her smartglasses also break. Her only hope of at least repairing her AI is a trip to Earth that she’d never return from. Coming Soon

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