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Andrea Graham studied creative writing and religion at Ashland University, has been envisioning fantastic worlds since at least six, and has been writing science fiction novels since she was fourteen. She edited Adam Graham’s first novel, Tales of the Dim Knight as well as his short story “Chosen of God,” which was featured in Light at the Edge of Darkness along side her own “Frozen Generation.” She  freelance edits at Andrea and Adam live with their cat, Joybell, in Boise, Idaho.

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For Christ’s Glory offers devotionals, book reviews, and practical advice grounded in biblical perspectives. Upon rededicating herself to Christ at fifteen, Andrea became a life-long student of the bible and the Holy Spirit. Her devotionals are written from the perspective of a student and learner seeking to understand the scripture. Often their insights are aimed straight at herself.

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Andrea isn’t a licensed counselor or therapist. and cannot provide legal, medical, psychological, or any other kind of professional advice.  You are not her client or patient.  She will answer your questions only as your sister in Christ, or as His ambassador if you are not a Christian. Whether you take her advice or not and the consequences thereof is your own responsibility.

Comments on this blog and any links contained therein reflect solely the opinions and worldview of the commenter and do not necessarily reflect Andrea’s views. Neither does their presence necessarily constitute her endorsement of the content. She tries to delete comments and links deemed dangerous and/or highly offensive to her target audience, but may miss some. If you spot anything inappropriate, please alert her to it.

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Starting as of Christmas 2010, Andrea publishes a devotional, a prayerful meditation on the word when she does not have a  letter from her advice column that she can share publicly. You can help keep the advice column coming out on a regular basis by sending your letters and marking your correspondence as publishable. Most of the letters she receives are marked private, and she is currently answering them.

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All communications you intend to be private will remain private unless Andrea is subpoenaed, she feels you are a danger to yourself or others, or if you are endangered by someone else.  If you send her a letter meant for public consumption, she abridges/edits all public letters for privacy, brevity, and clarity. She will never publish any letter you send her without permission. However, to help others with similar issues, she may opt to publish her response, minus anything specific to your situation that would identify you.

While your actual name would be appreciated in private communiques, please specify a screen name or traditional-style advice column pseudonym at the close of  letters meant for public consumption. If you grant permission to publish your letter and do not  specify a pseudonym/screen name, she will assume you’re fine with using your actual first name or the  half of your email address before the @ symbol. If you opt to change persons’ names in your letter, please note that fact.

Andrea is a human being like you. If you email her, she’ll probably email you back. If at some point you no longer wish to correspond with her, not emailing her back should suffice. You will probably end up in her personal address book, since outlook does that automatically, but she will not add you to any mailing lists, and she certainly will not sell your address to spammers.

You may use the comments form on any page of this blog to send her a letter asking her a public question. Starting as of 1/1/2011, letters left as a comment on another blog post will be answered with a link to the post where she answers your question. Please do not disclose anything you’re not comfortable with the general public having access to if you opt to take this option. Also, if you choose this option, for your convenience, she suggests you subscribe to receive her new blog posts in your email inbox.

For Christ’s Glory Believes . . .

  • in the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, God Almighty.
  • in the sanctity of the Holy Bible, God’s Word.
  • in the promise of Emmanuel, God With Us.
  • Jesus Christ of Nazareth was fully man and fully God. Christ and the Father are One. (John 10:30)
  • Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins and rose again from the dead in Triumph.
  • Christ is the only way to Heaven (John 14:6)
  • salvation is a gift that Christ gives to those who repent of their sins, accept Jesus Christ is Lord, and truly believe he died for us and rose again, and confess their faith publicly. (Romans 10:9-10)
  • if we love Christ, we will obey Him. (John 14:15, see also verses 16-24)
  • in the power and baptism of the Holy Spirit.(Acts 1:5,8)
  • in the power of Christ’s name, all things are possible. (John 14:13-14)
  • Christ will return on an unknown day at an unknown hour when we least expect him and vindicate his people for eternity, bringing everlasting judgment on those who reject him.

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  1. I had the following dream in June. I am a middle-aged empty nester with six grandchildren. I bought a new business in July and took on a significant volunteer leadership role this year in an organization. This dream came about a week before both of these events occured.

    I was teaching a group of college kids at a high school camp. After our lesson, we toured the camp and were walking around looking at different buildings, etc., and I was explaining some of the purposes of them to the students. Across the way, here came three rams running right at us. I did not notice the colors of them. We all froze and were unable to move because the charge of the rams was so great. One of the rams butted one of the young male students. All three rams then ran off.

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