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2. Sara Rodriguez – January 5, 2007
Hi Andrea,
For the past 2-3 years i’ve been having a recurrent dream(at least 3-4 times). I dream that my husband and I are trying to be intimate(sex) and there’s always someone who interupt us. The setting of the dream is always different and so are the people involved, but the situation is the same. Sometimes is our children coming into the bedroom,sometimes is family members or friends. It’s always someone wanting me to do something. The last one I had about 2months ago, this time it was a little girl that looked like a southamerican(Peruvian) indian. All of a sudden i noticed her in our bedroom and I was afraid that she would tell her mother about what she’d seen.
The feeling in the dream is one of frustation. I’m not aware of colors in the dream, except in one particular one. We were in this big bedroom and everything was white including the bedding.
We have been married for 37 years and have 4 grown children that are very close to us. We are also close to our families of origin, and have a church family. What do you think?
3. andrea – January 6, 2007
Hi Sara,The first thing that comes to my mind is from Isaiah 54:5, “thy Maker is thine husband.” The color white reinforces this impression. Among other things, white is associated with God’s majesty and glory.

There are other possibilities, some aspect of yourself, your actual husband, for instance, if that doesn’t strike a chord. But who your husband represents will be key to the interpretation. Once you have that pinned down, the rest of the imagery seems fairly straight forward. The act in your dream probably has little to do with actual sexual desire, and more represents the desire for a more intimate relationship with the person represented by your husband, but other relationships and people, such as your children, or a preoccupation with foreign missions (my association with Peruvian Indian, you may have a different one) are getting in the way. Whoever it is, you may need to take a prayerful look at your priorities, and not let anything, no matter how good, keep you from having a more intimate relationship with our Lord–or with your husband for that matter. Balance will be key. Jesus had much to do in his earthly ministry, and many people to help, but he often separated himself from the hungry, needy crowds, to go alone up into a mountain to commune with the Father. It’s an example more of us need to follow.

Pray about it. The dreams should stop when you’ve resolved the problem. My prayers are with you.

In Christ’s Love,
Andrea Graham

p.s. I’d suggest you read Isaiah 54 sometime. It may be a comfort to you.

4. Donna – February 7, 2007
Hi Andrea, I actually have two dreams that has haunted me since I was a small child. Funny thing is I haven’t had them in years. But still I think of them almost every week. I’m now 40.The first one I am in a all white room (almost like there isn’t any walls) that has a tennis court. I am on one side (as myself at the time a small child) and the other side is a tall man with a long beard and long hair. The only thing that happens in the dream is that we play tennis. We never talk, we just hit the ball back and forth. Trust me when I tell you that when I was a small child I never played or even cared about tennis.

The other dream I am in another room but this time it is total darkness. I can hear people talking all around me but I can’t see anyone. I dont say anything and they arent talking to me either.

I don’t understand why they bother me so. Maybe you can shed some light on them :)

5. Andrea Graham – February 9, 2007
in the first, the man’s description sounds like a common image of the Lord (whether accurate or not) It’s probably a metaphor for your relationship. The white may have the meaning above, of the glory of God, and a tennis court, the word court could be operative, the court of God, his temple (your heart). It makes me think of the story of Jacob wrestling with the angel of the Lord. Possible meanings/aspects to consider: Give and take, back and forth. serving, scoringThe other dream, not to make you uncomfortable, but it reminds me of the experience of the child in the womb, who lives in total darkness, and can hear what’s going on outside. It may be a real memory, perhaps a traumatic incident, occurs to me. It’s unusual, but some have reported vague memories similar in nature to this dream. It could be you were relating current experience, perhaps feelings of being ignored or in the dark (lack of understanding/knowledge) to the experience of the child in the womb.

Hope this helps. Sorry I got so little from it.

6. Ebony – February 12, 2007
I had a dream about a person that I was directed to give a word from God to. The word that I gave was that this person was to stop coveting things that belonged to others, and that within a year they would become a single parent. Of course this word wasnt received by this person and they told people that I was a false prophet.Almost 9 months later I had a dream of this person in front of my old apartment building, walking with a skinny caucasian guy and a baby carriage with a little girl inside, and as soon as this person saw me she began to walk really fast as if she was scared of me, and walked past me without saying anything.

7. Mika – February 15, 2007
Hi Andrea,I had a dream last night about a vicious dog being set loose while I was walking with my syblings through a trail. The dog was big and black with red eyes. I had my ten year old son with me, who of course was frightened by this beast. He got very sick vomitting and he also pee’d his pants.

As the dog was approaching us our parents arrived. They told us to go home. The house we went to was not the house we live in, and infact it didn’t look familiar at all. When we got home they told us they would have to let the dog in, so I started to baracade my son and I in the living room. I never saw my syblings again in the dream. As I completed piling chairs and tables to protect my son and I the dog came to the door. It looked very different like a fluffy back and white dog. It was still vicious though. My mother said she was going to let the dog in and that is when I woke up. When I woke, it was 5am and I remember having a very uneasy feeling. I checked the house and went back to sleep.

Keep in mind most of my family is very deeply into the church. I was raised in the church with my syblings.

Please help me, what can this mean?

8. Andrea Graham – February 15, 2007
Ebony, if the word doesn’t come true, you will have prophesied falsely. I’d approach prophecy for that reason with utmost humility and only after much prayer and scripture reading.In this context, the dream means nothing, unless it actually comes to pass, it is merely your own imaginations. Careful, it’s easy for such gifts, real or imagined, to go to the head, it can be taken as having power over others, and that is a heady liquor for many.

Pray and fast and know your own heart first, then maybe a prophet is ready to speak to the hearts of others.

If a year has passed now, and the word has not been fulfilled, please do some heavy soul searching.

Love in Christ,

9. Andrea Graham – February 15, 2007
The dog appears to be something your family (or possibly church family) considers a “necessary sin” Living room is a place of fellowship, entertaining guests. Black and red reinforce the nature of the beast.meanings for black–lack, ignorance, sin, famine, death
red–blood, danger, passion, flesh.

This doesn’t appear to be just a little thing, it’s a generational curse you’re afraid of. At first, you saw the beast for what it really is, in the second, what it appears to be. Fluffy seems to have a meaning of “nice, innocent, gentle” (as in a lamb), but it’s again made clear it really is vicious, and made plain could be the meaning of black and white.

other possible meanings for black and white–right and wrong, uncompromising, legalistic, opinionated,

it could also be vicious gossip, or a critical spirit, perhaps demonic in nature

The dog is being let in, which may indicate this is something that just occurred recently, or looming ahead. In the dream your family doesn’t seem to realize the nature of the dog and feels it necessary to let this in.

my resources also indicate dogs often represent strife, potentially passion/sin

I’d suggest you pray over it more, (If I’ve hit on the meaning, your spirit will probably sense it), consider fasting, and by all means keep watch. It does appear to be a warning.

A couple other things to consider:

1) you were protecting yourself with tables and chairs.
tables can speak of unity and nourishment.

2) the dog was outside at first. Someone is opening the door to allow in the beast. The beast could be vicious gossip or strife coming against your family rather from without rather than from a member of it. But for some reason the figure represented by the mother has made (or will, or is considering making) the decision to allow this into the home or has done something to expose everyone to it.

10. ninc mintin – February 22, 2007
i was dreaming that a stack of wheat that was already cut for harvest was bound around a mans waist as i looked closer i could grains falling from the stack then bees were all around in my face so itook a sword and tried to hit them with no luck until i turned the sward on its edge at whitch time i wae able to cut one almost in half then all the bees came at me then i woke up but could move for about 20-30 seconds wander what this dream means thanks nick
11. Tortured by nightmares – February 26, 2007
I hope you can help me figure out my dreams, in general I often dream of homes, being disrobed and not remembering how I got this way, fighting with my parents, whom I am estranged from, having heart attacks and a spotlight showing this and feeling embrassed. Always being chased, someone trying to capture me and hurt me…always running away from something evil…thank you for any help and god bless you.
12. emma – February 27, 2007
hey andrea.. i keep having a dream about college and when i arrive at the gates evryone dies but then they spring back to life and laugh at me. Its kind of disturbing but also funny in a way. i wonder what it could mean? thanks for your help. Godblessx
emma xx
13. NIGHT HORRORS – February 27, 2007
ia couple of weeks ago i kept having horrible dreams. most of them were about me laying in my bed asleep and then id look to the light on the ceiling and thered be red fly things(swarms of them)flying around it. I kept saying ‘SATAN BE GONE!’ BUT NOTHING HAPPENED. THEN I TRIED TO GET UP OUT OF BED AND GO TO MY MOTHER BUT EVERYTIME I THREW MY SELF OFF THE BED I SOMEHOW GOT SUCKED OR DRAGGED BY SOME KIND OF FORCE BACK INTO MY BED. PLEASE HELP ITS VERY DISTRESSING. gODBLESS XX

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