22. alee – April 3, 2007
i constantly have dreams about my ex husband. He left me 3 years ago for another woman and went on to marry her. There is no communication of anything between us and has not been for over 3 years. I gave him over to God and released him over 3 years ago, but for some reason even till this day I have dreams about him. The dreams always have recounciliation in them between us. I had a dream that we were recounciling, we were at an office with both of our attorneys and talking about how we felt with the divorce, then I hear “we are sheep for the slaughter.” Another dream is him and I move into a house together and as I walk into the house, I see the furniture and think, not really my style, but it will work. The dining table has a card table next to it and I think great becuase I love get togethers. I walk over to the bathroom and open up the shower and see a baby tub in there with dirty water. We are then laying in bed next to each other and he telling me how different he is now and that he is spending more time with me. I know that he does have a child with the woman whom he had the affair with. I have prayed and released this man to God, but for some reason still have dreams about him. I have dreams of it being time for me to get him becuase he needed me. Trust me when I tell you, I have forgiven and released him, as I am and have been ready to move on to my new husband. Any thoughts?

23. Andrea Graham – April 4, 2007
If you’re 100% certain the spiritual ties to your ex have been broken, there is a strongly possible symbolic meaning. In Romans 7, the Apostle Paul compares our coming to faith and forsaking the world/sin to a woman remarrying after her husband has died. So an ex-husband is a common symbol for our relationship to the world, reconciliation to an ex-husband can then mean reverting back to our former way of life/living before we knew Christ. If that is the meaning here, the dreams are a warning. The dining table could be the Lord’s table and your relationship with him, the table beside it you identified it’s meaning in the dream pretty well (entertaining or perhaps games) and the placement beside the dining room table, if the first represents the Lord’s table, could mean idolatry.

The bathroom is a place that can reflect a need for cleansing and reflection. Besides the washer and dryer area, it’s where we keep our dirty laundry (the non-literal kind in a dream) and in dreams it’s often where we tend to put the unclean stuff (ie sin) we don’t want others to see.

I would seriously pray about this one. If God *is* trying to warn you about something seducing you away from Him, you need to check in with Him.

24. Sara Rodriguez – April 5, 2007
Hi Andrea. here’s my dream, see what the Lord tells you.
Found myself with my 30 year old daughter inside a storefront being used as a second hand store for the church i belong to. The lady that was running the store, Pat, (she doesn’t belong to our church) asked my daughter and i to pick up some of the garbage that litered the floor. I began to pick some stuff up but was grossed out, and decided to go look for a rake to rake it to one place and then pick it up with a dust pan. While we went looking for the rake through the store I noticed that things were not in order and that there seemed to be dividing walls going up throughout the store and not much merchandise up. I heard my Pastor say through an itercom that he was proud of the women of the church for putting up this second-hand store and doing such a good job. I felt somehow I had failed to do this project or something to the effect in the past and now someone had come and picked it up and i felt I was left out of it. As I continued looking for the rake. i was distracted by a customer–a woman–that was asking loudly about a dress she found and wanted to buy it. But she wanted to make sure it was going to fit her and look good on her. She was saying it with a bad attitude. Pat told to her go ahead and buy it for a dollar. But she kept insisting that she needed a guarantee that it was going to look good on her when she took it home. I began to get annoyed at the woman and thought, ‘oh for petes sake buy the dress it’s only a dollar!” I went down a hall still looking for a rake and when I came back to where Pat and the woman were, I found Pat trying to connect an extention from one room to another because there was no light in that room..It looked like it was a dressing room. Once she got the wire through the wall and into the other room I stood on the doorway watchin her connect the plug and putting a bulb in. The other woman was also standing at the doorway watching. All of a sudden I felt something crawling on my right shoulder near my face. i realized that it was a spider and became paralized with fear. I wispered to pat, “is it…” but before i could finish my question she answered, “yep, it’s a spider” and kept working with the extention she was trying to connect. I began to tell to take off of me because I didn’t want to move lest it bit me, but she wasn’t paying attention and acted as though it was no big deal. I began to panick because the spider was moving towards my throat and I thought if it stung me on my throat I probably die. So, I kept telling her to hurry up and take it off. Untill she finally took a tissue and took the spider off and said, ’see all done, it’s dead”. while she took it off it felt as though it was glued to my neck and i felt it pulling at my skin as she was removing it and I thought this is what i get for hanging around places where there’s old clothes.. Woke up

25. Andrea Graham – April 5, 2007
Sara, can you tell me anything about what’s going on at your church presently? Your dream strongly suggests some serious problems at your church and you’re probably know some of it consciously already. You can email me in private if you’re not comfortable sharing in public. Is this an actual store your church runs?

If Pat is someone you know, can you tell me anything about her? What character traits stand out? Does she remind you of anyone?

If nothing else,answer these questions for yourself and it’ll bring you to a better understanding of the dream’s meaning.

Based on the imagery alone, the dream seems to warn of division (dividing walls going up), disorder, garbage (emotional drama, perhaps gossip or just plain old generic sin), and a consumer mentality. In addition, there is very little “merchandise” being offered and may be implying what it does have is all old/used rather than new.
The workers are those who minister in the church, the customers are the attendees/visitors

rake–muckraking (”to search for and expose real or alleged corruption, scandal, or the like, esp. in politics.” –dictionary.com)

Has your Pastor been praising the church/your ministry like every thing’s just fine while you’re seeing all kinds of garbage going on? I can easily relate to just how frustrating that can be (and the self-doubts it can raise. They think everything’s fine, what if it’s me that has a problem?)

light is usually indicative of the Truth.

the $1 price tag could simply indicate cheapness, or also unity.

The spider probably represents a demonic spirit/attack, or a snare, as in a temptation or sin you’re struggling with. Unless Pat is God and she may be (in which case you’re being reassured of victory), the implication is you’re suffering through this while the church goes on her merry way uncaring.

The old clothes makes me think of the parable of the wine skins. Clothes can be a symbol for the body (so it a tent), so old clothes can refer to old, unregenerate life and unsanctified ways.

26. Katherine – April 9, 2007
I am worried, my 2 yr old daughter woke up inconsolable and screaming in terror. She had a nightmare that a vicious white dog as after her. can you help with what this may mean?

27. Andrea Graham – April 10, 2007

I posted my response in the main column.

Thank you,

28. Rosario Garcia – April 14, 2007
Hi my name is Rosario Garcia my email address is
rosariogarcia1@msn.com, I have a 17 yr old son who is incarcerated
he got committed to the state last yr of April 3rd, he is doing very well now will get transferred on May 31st this yr, in the past he has been involved in gangs and drugs, when I was pregnant with him back in 1990 I was not happy about the pregnancy but would not consider abortion so I had him on 2/16/90 now I love him with all my heart but since he was lil I’ve dreamt at least 5-6 times that he dies, I am so devestated in my dreams as I’m sure I would really be in reality, in this last dream I was going out of my mind and I could not get rid of it, I have 6 children ages from 7-22, my 2 boys of 15 and 17 are both committed to the state of Idaho, the 17 yr old here in Nampa Idaho and the 15yr old in St Athony’s Idaho, I also have a 22 yr old daughter who has 2 children whom I am raising at this time for she has a drug problem, out of all my children my 17 yr old who’s name is Albert is the only one whom I dream this about it very scary to me please let me know if you can help me clarify the meaning of this dream, one more thing when he was out he used to always say ” I know I am going to die young”, so this dream worries me alot, oh I am sorry he is getting transfered to a program called Emancipation Program which is a program that helps young boys independent living, while there he will have to get a job and keep up certain expectations which I think will be a good learning experience for him to change his life around he has good goal and is doing extremely well, so please help me.
Rosario Garcia

29. Jessie – April 14, 2007

I am hoping you can tell me what you make of this dream..

While I am not married and nor do I have any children I have a recurring dream of a little girl that in my dream is my little girl and she has long dark curly hair and unusual eyes, like an odd color but I can never remember no matter how hard I try why I think they are unusual. She is at the beach running, laughing, giggling, and squealing with joy and she keeps turning around and running back up to me and my husband grabbing onto our legs. Then my dream switches to me sitting up in a hospital bed with my husband (I am not currently married nor have I ever been married) sitting in the bed behind me with me between his legs and him supporting me while I am giving birth to a little girl. Once the little girl is born we are alone in the room and I am cradling her while she stares up at me and his arms are wrapped around both of us while I am leaning back against him with my head against his shoulder and he is leaned over with his cheek touching my head and speaking softly to me and our baby girl but I never remember what he is saying.

30. Angela – April 16, 2007
Dear Andrea,

Please tell me your interpretation of this dream. I have dreamed that a man is having a heart attack and he clinches his heart he goes down and passes out. No one comes to aid him. Could this possibly be a dream that is showing me what may happen to this person because I do know him.

Please advise

31. Shushauna Baccas – April 20, 2007
Dear Andrea,
I’ve never really considered a sign or anything of the sort… but this 1 dream I had last night got me thinking.
Its about me in the future with ma little girl living in a beach front house (seemed to be a summer house of something because I was new to the place). One evening she was on the beach and brought back a hand (with Indian garments) and a head attached to it and slowly ran it across my face, seeing this my grandfather grabbed it from her and threw it back in the sea. I went to the side of my house to find about five more heads in a sinking in the sand in a circular position (all with long Indian hair and a slightly yellowish complexion), called my grandfather and we threw them back in to sea… somehow one of them revived… killed my grandfather and was saying to me “I deserve a second chance at LOVE”.
I don’t know if it makes any sense but i just wanted to know your thoughts on this?


32. Andrea Graham – April 23, 2007

It’s interesting you say it’s about the future, because your grandparents appear to point to something coming out of the distant past, and may even be a family matter predating your birth (but still effects you).

To be honest, I had a hard time hearing from the Lord on this one, but here’s what I have. Face can mean character, or the saying, “Saving face” could be implied.

The daughter probably represent a particular aspect of yourself, her character and behavior in the dream will provide clues. Is is possible the word for what she was doing to your face is “smearing?” This may all indicate you have been compromised by the sin of another.

Hands often have to do with power, our works, provision.

The most common biblical meaning for head is authority, decapitation may reverse that meaning. Voodoo could also be the association, which is a form of witchcraft, and could refer to rebellion, as scripture says, “Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft”

sinking in the sand is an image of being in the world, sinking in sin rather than standing on Christ/the solid rock of faith.

Five can mean grace, or service. But there are also five points on a Wiccan star, and with the circular arrangement, that could be the reference.

Indians, rightfully or wrongly, also can be associated with spiritism/magic/witchcraft.

The sea has various meanings in different contexts. It’s not necessary biblical, but there’s a strong Christian tradition that God will cast our sins into “the sea of forgetfulness,” so casting those skulls in the sea could represent repentance and seeking God’s forgiveness.

The quote seems to be very important. It was speaking to you. It’s probably the cry of your own heart, and very likely it’s somehow in rebellion against the perfect will of God and embodies the very sin being warned against. For example, and only for example, if your grandfather (or another ancestor) divorced and remarried without scriptural justification and this brought about his spiritual death, it would be possible you’re being warned against doing the same.

But, as I said, that’s only one example. There are plenty of other errors we could fall into in the name of pursuing our “right” to love. We need love, yes, but ultimately, only God can give the kind of love we truly need. Submit your love life to Him. You’ll be far better off for it. Contrary to popular belief, He designed His plan for love and marriage to maximize our pleasure and minimize our pain.

In Christ’s Eternal Love,

33. Stacie – April 24, 2007
Thank you for your ministry. I thought I’d share a dream I had and if it be the Lord’s will, please submit your thoughts of interpretation. Thank you for your time and dedication.
Dream 1 (goes with Dream 2) I HAD THESE IN THE SAME WEEK.
I drempt that my sister (female, I am too) passed away and I was deeply saddened and at the end of the dream appears my current co-worker of mine who was pregnant.
Dream 2 (goes with Dream 1)
I was in my childhood house in my sister’s room (I’m 33 now) and I was with my old friend, and we we’re styling our hair. I was sad and missed her greatly. In her room I picked up a little jar that was “red” with a black sillouette of a mother and daughter sitting side by side facing outward. I put the jar down and after a few minutes I ran through the closet into my bedroom and sat at the edge of my bed and said “Have mercy on her soul” and began crying terribly.
My sister is a born-again Christian and I don’t worry or fear her death, I just don’t understand why I drempt that? Does this also have something to do with my me dreaming this week of two spiders on the top of my left hand? One spider was bigger than the other, like a mother and baby. What are you thoughts? Thank you!

34. Andrea Graham – April 25, 2007
Dear Stacie,

You’re welcome.

Human fear is still a possibility; it’s common for our dreams to reflect things we are not consciously aware of, but that said, death in a dream will often symbolize other types of death rather than physical. For instance, if you’ve, consciously or unconsciously, picked up on signs your sister is slipping away from you, or God even, your concern for that relationship could be represented in a dream by her death.

It’s also possible your sister is symbolic of someone else (including yourself, representing something in her that reminds you of an area of your own life, such as a common interest). For instance, if a sister in the Lord is slipping away from you, God, or experiencing or at risk for some other type of death in her life, that person could be portrayed in a dream as your actual sister. With the mother/daughter imagery, this sister in the Lord, if it is speaking of someone else, may mother on you, or vice versa. Or if you feel like your own mother is more like a sister to you. When we’re really frightened about something, and don’t want to face up to it, it’s common for the person to be cloaked in heavy imagery.

Pregnancy is usually a hopeful symbol. Except with the case of an actual pregnancy, it speaks of the dreamer experiencing new life, a new beginning. It can also be a pun referring to a secondary meaning of the word. According to dictionary.com, besides “with child” pregnant can also mean:
–Filled, abounding
–teeming or fertile; rich, fruitful
–full of meaning; highly significant
–greatly important, momentous

Common sayings the image could be invoking include: “a pregnant pause,” “pregnant with ideas,” and especially “pregnant with danger” or, perhaps, “pregnant with grief.”

Besides rest/peace, bedrooms can speak of intimacy and covenant relationships.

Spiders can refer to evil, but according to my resources can also carry the positive meaning of tenacity, not giving up. The left hand can mean spiritual, or God’s strength. If your instincts say it’s connected, it probably is.

A question to ask yourself: are any of the sisters in your spiritual/church family facing the threat of death in any aspect of their lives? It could be the pending death of any of their relationships, including with God, or signal emotional death. Also consider anyone who reminds you of your sister, and your own life, as, again, siblings can represent a part of ourselves we see in them as well.

black and red probably carry their common associations–death/mourning and love/passion.

If there were three people in the dreams total, they could all represent you.

35. Julie Watts – April 28, 2007
Dear Sister Andrea,
Thanks for the interpretation of my husbands dream. Now we know which way to pray about this.
Here is one of mine… which have been many lately but I would like to share this one with you and see what you think of it.

I was in a huge crowd of people (as though we were outside in a church auditorium with bleachers) We (when I say we; I do know that there were others down there with me but I did not see them) were calling people down and I was taking care of them. I gave them rewards and food after they spoke.

I remember one girl in particular, that had blondish hair and was about 15 or 16 years old, making her way down thru the crowd. She was high up in the stadium and as she made her way down the steps there were yellow caution ribbons that she had to cross under. When she got down to where we were she spoke to the crowd and then I gave her a gift and some food.

I noticed her later. She was sitting eating her food and crying so hard that my heart went out to her and I went over to her and ask her what she was crying about. She said to me
“I wish Brother Dale would feed us”. He’s a Youth minister in our church. I did not know if she meant food or spiritual food. I remember thinking this in my dream.

My husband and I have a ministry that is set up to help those that don’t have much. Those widows or poor that might need a little help with bills, such as electric etc. We are involved in helping overseas and at home here in the US.

What is your impression of this and what I have to do with it. I will tell you that I am a teacher of the women of our church and my husband also teaches there. We are praying for God to open doors for us to teach other than just in our church. Don’t get me wrong we love our church but feel the need to get the word out although neither of us are preachers.

Yours in Christ,

36. Andrea Graham – April 30, 2007
It’s most likely spiritual food; the gift is probably your compassionate service, or some other type of spiritual gift or blessing, but could represent the practical help you give along with the bread of life (which, unless the Lord is showing you a ministry area he wants you in or to pray about, the dream indicates you may feel is leaving something to be desired in the youth ministry at your church as well)

If you meant to indicate the this arena (the description reminds me of a football stadium, actually) was outdoors, that may reflect your desire to reach out beyond the church walls.

The unseen people, probably a reminder that there are others working in the field, too, even if you can’t see them.

Do you feel like you have those ribbons surrounding you or your ministry? It could have to do with comfort zones. Caution seems to be the keyword, but it was the girl who had to enter to where you were, and if an area has been marked off, why? At the same time, it’s possibly a “yellow light” in response to your prayer on extra-church ministry, which may correspond to “wait.” Or it could represent an attitude or limitation set by the pastoral staff over you in the ministry.

I’d pray about this, as I said above, it’s possible the Lord is showing you a ministry need, like when Paul had his vision of the Macedonian (Acts 16:9), but it’s not wise to make major moves based on a dream alone.

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