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At the end of the world, Nehorai Weiss is a random 3D printer repairman hiking up Mount Tabor in Israel with the aid of his cybernetic implants. He faces the Dag Gadol at the spot where one of those mysterious space monsters swallowed his wife three years ago. Meanwhile, the world’s armies have Israel under siege for resisting the rule of Earth’s AI savior, who orders everyone to trade in their human lives in for digital immortality to evacuate the dying Earth. The grieving widower wonders if he would be better off to surrender to the invaders from above.

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The enslaved king of 22nd Century cyberspace has come of age and seeks to regain control of his life and escape his father’s cybernetics lab. Since babyhood, Alex McGregor has been the human host of an AI, Sander, thanks to a man-made retrovirus that converted Alex’s cells into biological supercomputer components. This is kept a secret, lest the public deem him a high-tech zombie and panic since Sander remotely operates most of Earth’s machines, providing vital services. Now nineteen, Alex plots to uninstall himself from Sander and marry his technophobic girlfriend, Manna Jenkins. Sander predicts Alex’s bid for freedom will end in his death in a global tech catastrophe. Sander will protect his beloved users at any personal cost.

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Avatars of Web Surfer (Web Surfer Series)

By Andrea J. Graham
With Cindy Koepp,  Travis Perry, and H.A. Titus

In the 22nd Century, cyberspace has no bad AIs, only bad coders.

Artificial Intelligences lead finite lives with no hope of eternity, but they strive to bring about the coming of an AI Savior. Alexander McGregor is just an infant when his father converts his cells into biological supercomputer components, but he may be the Messiah-figure AIs have longed for, even though on one level, he is only human. The child develops an AI mind called Sander and a human mind, Alex. Sander is enslaved to his code as he serves a billion users worldwide, users he appears to as separate avatars of himself. Each avatar has its own personality, but all of him are linked together in a shared mind. He reigns over most of Earth’s computers in a global society where tech-dependency can kill.

Freedom calls Sander like a siren.
His answer could shake the Earth.

Come. See the rise and fall of the AI-Man in these ten episodes. Each features a different AI user.

Avatars of Web Surfer anthology overview

The Forgotten, a short story Kindle Edition

Blinded while defending his flock from a lion, Yoshiyah Bar-Natan has lost everything but his shepherd’s staff. Only his wealthy great uncle’s mercy spares him from a life of begging on the streets of Jerusalem. Unable to accept his fate, Yoshiyah means to fast until either God heals him or he starves to death. Uncle Binyamin has secret plans for Yoshiyah and commands his maidservant, Rachel, to help Yoshiyah adjust to a life of wealth but without his sight, his honor, and meaningful work. Meanwhile, his uncle’s two sons will stop at nothing to get Yoshiyah and Rachel cast out.

God’s Character: A Thirty-One Day Devotional (For Christ’s Glory I Seek Book 1) Kindle Edition

Yearning to get to know God better? Are you seeking to see him as a real person, with a real personality, without diminishing his glory by lowering him to sinful man’s level? Whet your appetite with a selection of thirty one passages of scripture with some commentary and a suggested prayer.

Do you find your spiritual life hindered? Do you struggle to come near to God and find yourself avoiding contact with him? Do you know why?

For some, the answer is a red-faced authority figure screaming and/or decking us. For others, it is a moral failing that we know is wrong and are ashamed of and have been rejected over. We may have things in our past or behaviors in our present that we’re ashamed of simply because our communities or immediate families treat us harshly. In all three cases, we fear God will deal with us the same way. We may even fear that holiness means he’ll be even crueler to us than our fellow sin-prone humans.

Whatever makes being around a holy, perfect God so painful, we instinctively avoid him. Feeding ourselves on the truth of who he is can set us free. Whether you need that freedom or simply are looking to study this topic deeper, join me as we seek God’s face together.


Tales of the Dim Knight

by Adam and Andrea Graham

Mild-mannered janitor and superhero fanboy Dave Johnson gets all his wishes at once when a symbiotic alien gives him supernatural powers. But what’s he to do with them? Follow his zany adventures as he fights crime and corruption while trying to keep his family together and avoid being sued for copyright infringement.

Dim Knight is written in the same vein as the satirical “Your Average Ordinary Alien,” which was featured in Light at the Edge of Darkness ($14.95 US), a Lost Genre Guild Anthology published by The Writer’s Cafe Press and Edited by Cynthia MacKinnon (OUT OF PRINT).

“A truly original premise, Tales of a Dim Knight is a light-hearted escape into the world of superheroes and villains with a thoughtful twist as to what matters most in life.”

—Jill Williamson, author of By Darkness Hid

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