14. Ebony – March 15, 2007
Hi Andrea,Recently had a set of recurring dreams about my husband cheating on me. Normally, about two years ago, this would not have concerned me, but now it does because infidelity did happen to our marriage. We are currently trying to reconcile, but last week these dreams came back to back and the last time I had them for several months before he actually cheated on me. In the dreams I am chasing him and crying and he is running around with the other woman and telling me it is over.
15. Andrea Graham – March 15, 2007
There is a possibility you unconsciously picked up on clues that he’s done it again and those translated into a dream. But I’m more leaning towards it reflecting your fear he’ll do it again and indicating you’re still bleeding inside. Consider talking to your pastor or a Christian counselor.You could also talk to your husband about the dream. If the dream reflects another occurrence, that’ll probably show on his face. Otherwise, he could reassure you, and facing the fear could make the dreams stop.Regardless, if you’re not in marriage counseling, I’d give it some serious prayer and consideration, because it can really make a difference in the healing process (both yours and your marriage’s)

16. clare – March 24, 2007
i have been having a regular occuring dream about me being in a house a familiar house that i know either the one that we once lived in before the one that we currently live in. i always dream that someone close to me or just sombebody i know especially the past maids that we have lived with is possessed by an evil spirit and i have to be the one to cast it out.
17. Rachel – March 25, 2007
As a christian I believe that there are demons out in the world influincing people. Normally when I have any kind of bad dreams I call on the name of Jesus and It changes or I wake up. Last night I had a lucid dream, (I normally have those types of dreams), then the dream changed. I experience a sence of being paralized, and then someone was on top of me, I was not facing the person, and could not see anything, but felt that the man was humping me. It did not feel like sex should feel (or I should say what I think it should feel like since I have never experienced it). I don’t think that this experience was not at first unpleasuable, but I wanted to stop it. I tried very hard to raise my hand, and slowly I moved it to my back, I tried to wave the man away. I could not feel anything as if there was nothing there. After this it seemed to really upset this thing, and it got mad. It pushed me down and continued, and I felt a hot searing pain on my body. When I woke the paralized feeling seemed to continue.I have been researching different website about incubus experiences to try to find an explanation. I’ve read about everything from letting a demon into my mind to occult peiople sending familiars to people, all of which I really don’t believe. If It wasn’t so strange and disconserting a feeling I would have just written it off as a dream, but a part of me wonders if indeed there could be such things as incubus, and I really need to do somthing about it.I just needed to talk to another christian, one grounded, so that I could get my own thinking straight. Is it possible that this was just a dream and I don’t need to worry?

18. Andrea Graham – March 26, 2007
Rachel,Sister, I realize this must have been horrible and I definitely don’t want to discount it as just a dream or your imagination. I would suggest ruling out natural explanations first, such as a history of sexual abuse, that might explain it. I’ll admit I’d never heard of the demon you mentioned, and I agree the sources I found on it weren’t what I’d call grounded. But I can’t entirely rule it out biblically, either. The scripture is difficult to interpret, but there is a story in the bible from right before the flood where “the sons of god” took “the daughters of men” for wives and brought about a race of wicked giants that corrupted the whole earth so bad God had to send a flood to cleanse it. Some try to explain this as Seth’s male descendants taking Cain’s female descendants as wives, which is a lot more comfortable for many than literal angels, but doesn’t explain the unusual nature of the offspring (who some feel are among the unclean spirits roaming earth today.) Other than that, I don’t recall any other specific mentions in scripture, but demons are real for sure.Normally, the Blood protects Christians from this kind of phenomena, unless we’ve given Satan a foothold. For this kind of demon, that could come from generational curses (a history of some kind of sexual deviancy in the family) , sexual abuse, sexual sin, lust, porn, self-pleasuring accompanied by fantasy, fantasizing without the former. Other media can open the door as well–novels with graphic depictions of sexual acts, R rated movies and even television shows with sexual depictions. If it *is* the devil, it’d help to locate the breech in your armor and get it closed.

If you’re apart of a local body, I’d talk to your pastor or a trusted, spiritually mature woman in the church. If you can locate a Christian with experience in spiritual warfare (If not attending a Church equipped to handle this, I’d call the Pentecostals first and apostolics or charismatics second), I don’t see how a deliverance could hurt, but I should mention the secular world would tell you to see a psychologist for evaluation instead. When we reach a dream state, an agent is released into the blood stream that causes temporary paralysis to prevent us from sleep walking. On rare occasions, the effect lingers after the dreamer awakes, and this can cause the mind to come up with frightening explanations for it. I’m not saying this is necessarily the case, just something to be taken into consideration, and it’s possible for both the physical and spiritual explanations to be true simultaneously. Unclean spirits such as these definitely love to attack when we’re most vulnerable.

Love in Christ,

19. Andrea Graham – March 26, 2007
Clare,Houses usually represent the dreamer, and depending on the particulars can speak to the state of the dreamer’s physical body, soul, mind/emotions. Occasionally, it extends to the dreamer’s family. The demon, whether literal or figurative, is probably effecting you yourself, and the dream seems to be pointing to the past, to the source of the evil spirit. The persons in question probably represent some aspect of yourself that you unconsciously see in them. It’s possible the maids occupation could be important, and the dream is indicating a bad attitude towards service. And of course no one but you can do anything about your attitude/spirit. Except Jesus, that is, if we’re willing to let Him change us. I’d pray about it and ask Him to show me if I’m harboring any resentment or ill will towards anyone or anything that he’d like me to surrender to Him.
20. monique – March 27, 2007
Dear Clare,I have reoccuring nightmares about evil bullying or attacking me. Enough to scare me. I wake up trembling and anxioux. I say my prayers. I believe my actions are are not one with the Lord and I am attracting evil into my life.Could this be true.

21. Andrea Graham – March 27, 2007
Monique,I’m assuming you meant to address me. Dreams have levels of meaning, and most will reflect on the same themes you had been having in your waking life, both recent and issues from the past (but still are impacting you today.)If none of the images of the dream can be explained by the above, that leaves two other sources: the devil, yes, and God. The latter kind of nightmare is compartively rare and usually prophetic/intercessory in nature. The prophetic kind of nightmare typically can warn of the future, reveal happenings in the spiritual realm, or even something happening to a perfect stranger, but regardless these amount to a prayer prompter.

Now, third, demons do attack in our sleep, and often in the form of a nightmare. This doesn’t necessarily mean we’ve done something wrong. The devil will usually attack us in the same areas where we’ve given in to him in the past, but he also tends to attack Christians strongest when we’re hurting him, and that means we’ve done something right. If you’re in right relationship with the Lord, stand firm, and rebuke the devil in the authority of the Lord, and he will flee, I promise (or more to the point, God does.)

If the devil has a stronghold in your life, however, that’s a different story, yes, and it’ll be much, much harder. In this case, it’s important to locate the breech in your armor, or the area in which you’ve compromised with the world and not been transformed by the renewing of your mind (or gone back to old habits). Overcoming the sin the demon behind the nightmares has dominion over will empower you to throw off the dominion he’s trying to stake over you. We cannot do this in our own strength–only the blood of the Lamb can cleanse us from sin. But we can do all things in Christ, He who strengthens us.

Pray, but don’t just say your prayers. Seek the Lord with all your heart and place your trust in Him. It’s not easy. Daily, we must make the decision to crucify the flesh and follow after Him. We all stumble sometimes. His grace does not ignore our condition and merely love us anyway just as we are–His grace is an outstretched hand waiting to give us the strength to stand.

In Christ’s Grace,
Andrea Graham

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