Your job was to change my diapers, But that part ended about 25 years ago. Your job was to tell me everything to do, And make sure I did, But that part ended a decade ago. Your job was to make me into a man, Who could live independently, Solve problems, Get things taken care of on my own. And now I am. Now your job is to Enjoy my accomplishments, Take pride in what I achieve, And the part you’ve played in it. Talk to me like a man, And share wisdom with an equal. Yet, you don’t get it, Perhaps you’re confused. YourRead More →

  To W.T.S. The drummer sits For the first time in forever. He grabs his sticks, His faithful servants And begins to strike the drum, Boom, clang, boom boom The drummer’s home In another world, another place A perfect picture Of a man in his element, Some things may have been forgotten, But nothing we’d remember As we listen to the boom of the drums And the clang of cymbals, We only see the joy of the drummer. Then at once the drummer rises, The moment passes, The drummer rises And he stands a leader, A decider of the fate of our nation. Washington leftRead More →

By opportunity unsought, we become poor, By knowledge unapplied, we become fools, By freedom unexcercised, we become slaves, By pleasure undisciplined, we become miserable, By manners unheeded, we become brutes, By truths untold, we become liars. The march of the centuries is lost, The wise are perished and their words Are but kept as odd witticisms, As we squander all we have On riotous living We smile at each other and say, “My friend!” As hatred seethes in our heart, With murder on our mind, We shake hands. Americans sit idle transfixed By America’s idol watching American Idol While thieves lay waste their house. IsRead More →