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I was just wondering if you were a born again, spirit filled believer.


Dear Brittjer,

Absolutely, though my sister’s not too happy about it. At times, she’s complained quite vocally about the born again part, “You’ve changed!”

I’d answer, “I wish you would be changed, too,” except that would get me disowned again for another two weeks or so. She’s a faithful adherent of the Sin-all-you-please-and-go-to-Heaven-anyway gospel. The main problem with that understanding is, were it true, either Heaven would cease to be Heaven, or else such believers would be most unhappy there, as sin and Heaven mix like oil and water (that is, they don’t). That’s why we must be born again, that is, daily changed into His perfect Image, which only His active, transforming grace–not our own efforts–can accomplish.

Before I go any further down a rabbit trail, my testimony‘s available online. As it indicates, I was raised Southern Baptist and got into Pentecost as a teenager, where I discovered I’d already been filled with the Holy Spirit, as Ms. Baptist had been singing in tongues without knowing what it was for quite some time. So that just goes to show He’s not limited to one way of doing things, or required to gift everyone that way, at least in my opinion.

We got burned at our last church, though, so we’re at a Church of God (Anderson) now. They’re good people, albeit it sometimes seems everyone there has their own set of doctrines. I’ve encountered more than a few burned Pentecostals in attendance, and with even one confession to one other person still adhering to pentecostal practices at home.

Still, everyone’s welcome around here, including cessationists, and respectful persons of other worldviews.

Love in Christ,
Andrea Graham


  1. As a frisbeeterian, one who believes that upon death souls get stuck on the roof, I’m pretty open to more traditional doctrines. Glad to hear you guys are trying a new church.

  2. Author

    LOL. I hope no one takes you seriously, Frank. This is our second winter at Cloverdale CofG (Church of God, not Chosen of God for those familiar with my short story titles).

    As to anyone who can’t figure me out, there is a method to my madness, I assure you. I’ll reveal it as soon as I figure out what the method is 😉

    Okay, I’m curious. Serious, what’s a frisbeeterian?

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