All Saints’ Eve (x5) Prayer Request


New Author’s Fellowship has posted the second and third parts of my four-part testimony on some things God did while I worked on the novels of the Web Surfer Series, which has its collection of short stories, Avatars, out. Please go check out the cool things God taught me via that project:

Testimony 2: Offering Characters to God

Testimony 3: Exploring a Character’s Gender Identity (From a conservative Christian perspective.)

Two years ago today, in the shadow of All Saint’s Day, which is coming up on Nov 1, the pain and chains of this life were forced to release their hold on my mother, and she was born again in eternity. While she may be celebrating with the other saints, most of us left behind are still too busy missing her to properly share the saints’ joy. So please remember us in your prayers.

One thing I know, joy and peace are gifts from the Lord, and I thank God for those gifts, and the veiled glimpses of glory, despite all the trials and sorrows. The pain of this life won’t last forever, while the joy and peace that sometimes seem to slip through our hands will some day remain forever.

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