carnival of christian advice – April 3, 2007

Welcome to the April 3, 2007 edition of carnival of christian advice.

The next Carnival will be held on May 1st. The deadline to submit your pieces is April 27th.

Questioning submissions must be seeking advice on an issue, either personal or theological, which they genuinely are seeking a biblical, Christian answer to. All submissions offering advice must line up with traditional, fundamental Christian values and beliefs. Related posts must be offering information (rather than selling a product) that my readers would be interested in, such as a review of a Christian self-help book, or a conservative Christian analysis of some element of pop culture.

Submissions from New Agey, non-traditional “Christian” religions, and/or theologically liberal  sites will be excluded unless submitting a genuine question that is open to receiving a “fundi” answer. Advice from non-universalist, traditional Calvinist, orthodox Catholic, and Evangelical/Arminian viewpoints acceptable, but please make note of it so my readers will better understand where you’re coming from.


Nancy Geiger presents What I Learned Teaching Sunday School: Don’t lose your first love posted at What I Learned Teaching Sunday School saying, “When you love someone you want to know everything about them, to spend time with them, please them. You are excited by the very thought of them.

It’s the same in individual Christian lives.”

Matthew Paulson presents Great Ways to Help Your Church Without Spending a Dime posted at Getting Green, saying, “Financial support for one’s local church is definitely a good thing, however a lot of people just don’t have the resources to give a serious amount of money to the local church. Fortunately you can give your time and energy to the church instead.”

Matthew Paulson also presents Why God Doesn’t Answer Your Prayers About Money posted at
Getting Green, saying, “God will provide for us, but he will give us what we need, not what we want.”

Jack Yoest presents Emptying the Nest: Does Day Care Work? posted at Reasoned Audacity, saying, “Is there a child care crisis in this country? To answer, we need to know what parents really want, and most essentially, we must know what children need.”


Lyn Perry presents Thought Renewal, saying, “I think we can agree that worry is unhealthy, but is it wrong?”


Barbra Sundquist presents Why I’m Happy To Do Something I Dislike posted at, saying, “One of the things I dislike most in the world is entertaining. And yet today, I am having 16 people over to my house for a birthday party. And I’m happy about it.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of the carnival of Christian advice.

Note, in addition to questions that weren’t actually asking for advice or otherwise relevant, I had to exclude several pieces, some of which offered fairly good advice, for having associations with The Law of Attraction. I will have nothing to do with the New Age here if I can’t help it, sorry. As I may have missed some, please be aware I do not necessarily endorse any of the products or statements made by the participants in the carnival. Thank you.
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