As my regular readers probably noticed, I’ve been reading Dear John by Nicholas Sparks, primarily because I was asked to review it, and the basic synopsis sounded interesting. Coming into it, I suspected I’d find the sort of, ah, quality of literature often produced by the reigning kings on the best seller lists. He actually did fairly well in that department, all considering. Most of the questionable literary devices only a trained eye would notice or care about. While book could have benefited from another round of editing, I understand the temptation publishers have to skip that and rush an author to press when theyRead More →

Lately, I’ve been reading the book Elysse Barrett assisted her father David in writing, Fathers & Daughters: raising polished cornerstones. I would suggest, besides being a beautiful portrait in which their own relationship is offered up as a model of what a biblical father-daughter relationship ought to look like, more than an excellent bible study examining the biblical models, and negative examples, of father-daughter relationships, more than a parenting book that even fathers of sons and future parents should consider, this is a model of how ordinary Christians can take back their culture by changing the way we parent.

In preparing my review of a book from my personal reading list, I checked what negative comments were circling about the author. What I concluded from this is that Joyce Meyer is indeed an imperfect human being with imperfect understanding. In the Graham household, we have a saying, “Take the meat and throw away the bones.” And despite Mrs. Meyer’s failings, there is still plenty of meat to be found in the pages of her latest book, “The Confident Woman: Start Living Boldly and Without Fear.” If you struggle with feelings of self-hatred, self-doubt; if you’re stressed out and unfulfilled; if fear is a strongholdRead More →

Gentle reader, In case you missed the last post, I’ve joined the CFBA blog tours, but unfortunately didn’t get to read the current book, which Mrs. Frugal here will definitely have to look for at the library, along with Dandelion Dust. So here’s what a fellow founding member of the Lost Genre Guild, Dan Weaver, had to say about it. The Election by Jerome Teel – Review Who doesn’t love a good, fast-paced thriller? Oh, come on, you know you do. Well, Jerome Teel’s debut novel, The Election, shouldn’t disappoint. After hearing author John Grisham speak in one of his law classes at the UniversityRead More →