Speaking of race issues, next week, the CFBA is touring Wedgewood Gray, Book two of the Black or White Chronicles. Normally, it’s not a good idea to jump into the middle of a series, and since the author kindly went the extra mile and sent me a copy of Book one as well, I thought I’d start at the beginning, or namely, with Abiding Darkness. Abiding Darkness left me with mixed feelings. On one hand, John Aubrey Anderson is a masterful story teller (and feel free to quote me on that if you’re so inclined, Mr. Anderson). On the other, Anderson is a story tellerRead More →

This week, we had a last minute change, and we’re touring a rare nonfiction book, the Christian Writer’s Market Guide. My copy has yet to arrive, but it sounds like a good resource has gotten even better. The only real problem with this guide is one they all have, by the time they go to press, half the information is out of date. The guide is still helpful, and the CD sounds especially promising, but it’s a good idea to subscribe to the website for uptodate listings if you can, and definitely be sure to visit publisher/agent websites and check their guidelines before querying. TheRead More →

I had the pleasure of reading Christine Schaub’s latest novel in the Music of the Heart series, The Longing Season . Surprisingly fast-paced for a historical novel, this is the first novel I’ve made it all the way through in 2-3 days in recent memory. And there’s really not much to dislike about this one.

I finally got the opportunity to read A Pagan’s Nightmare by Ray Blackston, having missed the blog tour by merit of not yet having a copy of the book. With a classic story-within-a-story frame, the title of the novel derives from the title of the manuscript Literary Agent Ned (forgive me for missing his last name, he’s a first person narrator) receives from one of his more, ah, well, eccentric clients, Larry Hutch, not to be confused with the hero of Larry’s story, Lanny Hooch. Or go ahead and confuse them, Lanny sort of is Larry. Hutch also wrote into his story his agent (asRead More →

This release from Tricia Goyer boasts on it’s cover that it’s, “A Savvy Parent’s Guide to Getting it Right.” I don’t know about savvy, nor am I sure I’m even in the right generation to be reading this book, as I’m right on the cut off point (the story of my life), though I am sure I’m not a parent (not by choice), it’s definitely a guide to getting it right. Some familiar with my convictions might be surprised I’d say that, considering the book is organized around popular song titles and lyrics from the ‘70s and ‘80s, which might bother some, but Goyer neverRead More →