Confessions of an absentee blogger

I’ve been a very bad blogger. Most of the advice I get asked is private, and well, consistency has never been a strong suit when, as my husband put it once, “if ADD exists, you have it.” Probably a “duh” to anyone who has tried to read my rambling columns. Editing is my friend. My thoughts tend to be scrambled and rather disoraganized–and the internal disorganization has a frustrating tendency to leak out into my house. Grr. But that’s another story.

One thing I’ve learned in life is external structure–rigid scheduling and daily routines are sanity savers for me, which neither the book reviews nor an advice column have been accommodating towards. So, I will still do those as I get opportunity, but need to introduce a daily column (M-F) if I’m going to change one fail that has been nagging me.

With a little prayer and thought, I’ll be sharing devotional thoughts with you, mostly from my daily reading,  or simply sitting down and praying, “Okay, God, I’m here. What do you want me to blog about today?”

Please hold me accountable to it. 🙂