Crawling out from under my rock

Dear Gentle Reader,

Since you’ve been so kind to put up with me while I disappeared into my writer’s closet, I’m offering you the chance to beta-read the reason for my recent absence: my 75,000 word romantic science fantasy, Daughter of Eve.

In the novel, a top-secret wormhole experiment strands a vegan feminist air force captain on a matriarchal alt-earth. Critically wounded in body and spirit, Captain Veritas Callaghan struggles to keep her heart safe from the men’s libber who shares her sanctuary in the house of a deposed queen. Unfortunately, she’ll need Havan’s help if there’s any hope of making it home alive.

I realize time is valuable commodity, so I am by no means asking for free editing or any extended critiques, only for your overall impressions and suggestions for improvement. Though, by all means, you may note anything in particular that stands out to you as desired.

If you do particularly enjoy the book, it would help me greatly if you could write me a 1-3 sentence book jacket/publicity package blurb. I know it’s early, but gathering these now will assure publishers I’m serious about marketing my work and that will greatly increase my chances of publication in the current market conditions.

So you have it in case you should need it, allow me to share my bio from the independent quarterly publication, Laser & Sword, where I am the assistant editor.

Andrea Graham created the universe that Rise of the Judge is set in and provides artistic input to that series and others. In edition to editing for Laser & Sword, she provides advice and book reviews from a Christian worldview at her blog, Ask Andrea. Her short story, “Frozen Generation,” featured in Light at the Edge of Darkness, details the birth of Laser & Sword hero A. L. Snyder. Andrea studied creative writing and religion at Ashland University . She and Adam are members of several writers’ groups, including ACFW and the Lost Genre Guild.

Thank you for your consideration. This is not a time sensitive project, so please keep me in mind if you do not have room on your plate at the moment.


Andrea Graham

p.s. contact me to reply, or you can befriend me at