Flashback Friday: There is much too haste in City life

Wrote this as a teenager, 15-17 years old probably, during my introvert days. Capitol-s “Sun” is a punny metaphor for the Son, i.e. Jesus Christ our Lord. In some ways, this almost advocates for a prayer closet/ war room years before it became popular, my favorite one then was outdoors. I always found it easier to concentrate on things like seeking the Lord in prayer outdoors, especially amongst trees. Anyway, hope this blesses you.

gewa / Pixabay

Tower of Refuge and Strength

There is much too haste in City life

No solace to be found, only strife’s dirge

Constantly and that of protest and lust all around

Society has forgotten the wisdom and the song in silence found

For she has cast off the Sun and built her own way

With a heavy and faint heart I ran from city strife

In search of the Sun, which not but dreams remembered

In the wooden clove I found my rest, my solace

No dirge here, my companion was but the song of silence

And reflected in the pool was the bright eye of the sun

I glanced up then, foolishly seeking the Sun’s own face

I was astounded by the brilliance of his glory

And all but blinded by his striking radiance

As the rainbow of his aura pierced with unknown peace

And filled me with such strength that I was unafraid

Many times when I am down I journey now to this quiet place

I eat of the gifts the Sun blesses within me

As I drink of the song found waiting in silence,

The joyful song spills forth from me, joining the solace

And I know, even with the ills of Society, I can remain free

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