Honest Author Blog Round up

Author Lisa Hess writes, “What is it about me that can’t just settle into it? I have hair that keeps growing no matter what I do, and a roof over my head. What difference does it make what they look like today? And if I have this much trouble with these things, how will I deal with heaven? I have no idea what living in the physical presence of God will be like, but I know it will be a gift I don’t feel like I deserve.”

Ray Ellis writes, “Even as I lament my declining health, I have not only done nothing to alleviate the problem, but have instead actively added to it. I see this not as special, but normal, regular, almost expected in the course and culture in which I live. While in my deepest of hearts I truly long to be lean healthy and strong, but in the weakness of my flesh I do nothing more than wish. I do not plan. I do not act. I do not change.”

Author Mary DeMuth writes, “It seems like we live in a strange bubble sometimes. This bubble exists in the magazines lining the store checkout lane–it’s the ideal self who is svelte, savvy, and oh so happy all the time. It’s the persona we’re told to maintain. Except that no one tells you how very difficult and stressful it is to maintain a facade. Honestly, I’d rather just be plain ol’ me, messiness and all, because my honest mess means you feel validated, honored, and not so darned alone.”

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