Journey to Web Surfer Part IV (Final)

Excerpt from my testimony on the Helping Hands’ Press Blog.

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A concussion stole @andreajgraham’s story and launched the Journey to the #WebSurfer Series as it is today.

Journey to #WebSurfer PT2: How God challenged @andreajgraham to rely more on God in the writing process.

Journey to #WebSurfer PT3: Eye-opening lessons from an unexpected, challenging answer to #sci-fi author @andreajgraham’s prayer.

After God challenged me to write about a character I feared would be too controversial, I wrote a brief sample and showed it to several of my fellow Christian sci-fi authors. To my surprise, they all encouraged me to keep writing. That encouragement led me to decide to give Elisha his own 12,000 word novelette. It ended up needing a 7,500 word sequel that still didn’t tie up all the loose ends. Those stories were such fun, gave such a wider view of King Sander and his users’ world, I decided to do ten more short works depicting the Man-AI from his users’ perspectives, with a different one in each of those ten. (Some of them feature the AI-Girl, Sander’s sister.)
To make the users’ voices and their corners of the globe more authentically diverse, I asked some of my author friends to write stories set in Sander’s world, written from the POV of a Web Surfer user who gets to customize either Sander or Lexus on each of their Web Surfer devices via a plethora of personas.

To this project, H. A. Titus and Travis Perry each contributed one story about 5,000 words long and Cindy Koepp playing with three novelettes and another story in the “5,000 words or less” category. I wrote three stories in that category plus another novelette myself and pulled the stories and novelettes together as episodes of an in-world “reality” show. They’re part of an e-serial split in two in reality. Most of them are earlier in time than the first novel, so Helping Hands Press is releasing the serials first.


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