Links, More Links, Congrats, and a Thanks

Gentle Readers,

Wanted to let those of you following CSFF’s tour of the Lost Genre Guild last week know that our girl (hey, I was raised in the hood) Grace Bridges and The Writer Cafe Press’ lovely Cynthia have full coverage over at the LGG news blog, with plenty of links to Laser and Sword, the serial fiction magazine I edit.

Next, let me give a congrats to hubby, for launching new web serials on Laser & Sword‘s blog-now the stories from the zine are available for free, in weekly spoonfuls you can absorb in five minutes (the impatient sorts can still buy the e-issues or the print edition). You can check out the first issue free, or become a fan on Facebook.

Also, Grace posted my explanation of the distinction between stage magic, magic as the bible defines it, and spiritual gifts.   She also links an aw-you’re-making-me-blush write-up on my husband and I’s work on Laser & Sword by the esteemed Frank Creed. Thanks, guys!

Anyway, check ‘im out.

In Christ’s Link-Love,

Andrea Graham

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