Review: Mindflights advertises itself as, “A new magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction brought to you by Double-Edged Publishing. We’ve recently combined two award-winning magazines – Dragons, Knights, and Angels and The Sword Review – into one frequently-updated, high-quality magazine.” It appears to be a speculative fiction website (ezine) that focuses upon religious themes, and features forums to discuss the stories. The front page has a list of short stories and synopsises, and at a glance, they have quite a collection for the lover of Christian speculative fiction in short doses. Seems to lean slightly towards fantasy at the moment.

A feature you’ll either love or hate is multiple skins. Personally, I have a preference for branding with one, but if you don’t like the default random setting that gives you a new skin on every page, you have the option of picking one.

Reading their guidelines, I get the impression of good intentions tainted with post-modernism, but I’d urge interested parties to discern for themselves. I’m quite certain there are gems to behold among the stories themselves one that comes to mind is “Heart of Flesh”. But my gut won’t let me give an unqualified endorsement (actually, it’d like to un-recommend it, but I don’t have a firm enough basis for that.)

Update: Steve Rice chimes in with MindFlights 3: Neutrality is not an option, pretty much agreeing with my instincts.