Rise and Walk: Three Steps to Freedom From Shame

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It’s time to stop living under a cloud of shame because you’re damaged goods. It’s true that sin has damaged you, but what the devil isn’t telling you is that everyone is damaged goods.

We’ve all been damaged by sin of some sort. Only one sin is unforgivable, blasphemy of the Holy Ghost, which comes from a seared conscience and a hardened heart. If you’re feeling shame, you haven’t committed the unpardonable sin.

So kick Satan to the curb already, in three simple steps.

  1. Confess to the Lord that what you did was wrong and ask the Lord to forgive you.
  2. Accept you’re forgiven and that your sins have been washed away in the blood of the Lamb, praying for God to help you do this as much as is needed.
  3. Get up and walk in faith and victory, according to the Spirit at work within you, transforming you into God’s perfect image and clothing you in Christ’s righteousness.

If you feel like this was meant for you, or otherwise were blessed and wish to follow up with me, please don’t hesitate to comment or contact me privately.

Originally Published on: Feb 7, 2013 @ 20:07

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