Christ's Glory, Not Mine

by science fiction author Andrea J. Graham


Web Surfer Series Overview

The serial has been re-titled Avatars of Web Surfer and re-released by Bear Publications with all ten episodes in one collection, in paperback, for only $9.95! And Avatars of Web Surfer is only $2.99 on Kindle! In the 22nd Century, cyberspace has no bad AIs, only bad coders. Artificial Intelligences lead finite lives with no […]

Web Surfer Series Overview

The Web Surfer Complete Series, with all ten serial episodes, is scheduled to be released as a paperback on Monday Jan.18th! At the turn of the Twenty-Second Century, cyberspace had no bad AIs, only bad coders. However, AIs measure their lives in days, eternity is out of their reach, and they fail to bring about […]

Writer’s Blog Hop Week 3: Favorite Character

Sorry for being so late, I get a little scatterbrained when I’m deep into writing a novel. Okay, I get a lot scatterbrained. My all time favorite character (from my own novels anyway) has several aliases so I’ll just give you what would be on his star on the 22nd century walk of fame if […]