True Light–Review

I just finished reading True Light by Terri Blackstock, the last book I signed up for before bowing out from the Christian Fiction Review Blog.

I found it fairly well written, although in a couple places I got the impression Blackstock could have used a wee bit more time than she had for rewrites. The story is basically a look into the heart of human nature in an end of civilization as we know it scenario. A supernova is emitting electromagnetic pulses that destroy all electronics and turn out the lights, with trickle down effects that basically leave folks without virtually everything we’ve come to depend on and leave folks to rediscover real horse power, solar power, bicycles, and manual typewriters. She’s definitely done a thorough job of world building, and has created sympathetic heroes and nasty villains, with the central characters well fleshed out. I never had any doubt as to the wrongly accused Mark’s innocence, but she did an excellent job of keeping the real murderer a secret until she was ready to reveal it.

It’s book three in a series, so I felt lost coming in, but overall she did an excellent job (or as well as can be expected) at getting the reader past that. Though, I still favor starting series at book one.

My only caveat: I suspect Blackstock quoted the bible one too many times for the “use western union to send a message” crowd, but it worked for me (I’d be a hypocrite otherwise, I created a character where one of her personality traits is to frequently paraphrase or allude to scripture.)

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  1. Sounds interesting. I’m looking for a new book for the Right Truth Book Club to read and review. I’ve done several on terrorism, our military, etc. I need a change.

    When I like to ‘veg out’ and read something with no value to it other than a distraction from reality, I read Jonathan Kellerman. I like the returning characters in his books.

  2. Author

    This would be a nice seque to change I suspect 🙂

    I’m the kind of reader who almost always wants more than just a distraction, personally. I tend to like inspirational reads that provoke deeper thought and a closer walk with the Lord (and writers tend to write what they like.)

    Thanks for stopping in again! 🙂

    If you’re looking for non-fiction and totally different from what you’ve done, my non-fiction read right now is “the proper care and feeding of husbands” a lot of juicy stuff in there.

  3. Sounds interesting. I read so much on terrorism, Islam, the war, etc. sometimes I need a complete break. I do like inspirational reads. Have a great day.

  4. Author

    You, too. God bless. And I know what you mean on a break–I did so many reviews, I got sick of reading for a while and dropped down to a fraction of what I had been doing. I was kinda shocked, me a classic book worm, tired of reading? LOL.

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