Update on the Carnival of Christian Advice

Gentle Readers,

The Carnival is delayed due to a lack of sufficient numbers of suitable submissions.

The deadline for submissions is now October 26. It will be posted on October 31st.

Questions should be blog posts–either on professional blogging platforms or myspace and cousins–where the author is seeking advice from their readers.  Rhetorical questions answered in the course of the post belong in the answers category. Religion questions, such as would go in my Bible and Theology category, I would rather be sent as a regular email. Most give in to the temptation to pontificate and I’d rather not link to articles that contradict what the scripture teaches even in this category and when it comes to this issue, most of us can’t resist the urge to pontificate even when we know we don’t know what we’re talking about and are trying to ask a question. It’ll be easier for me to dress these individually.

Answers should deal with advice column type subjects, scripture; articles on Christian living and cultivating a biblical world view also welcome.

All answers must be written from a conservative, traditional (ie “fundamentalist”) view of the world and reading of the scriptures–whether Catholic, Armenian, or Calvinist, but I’d prefer the affiliation clearly laid out in the post description if not evangelical.

Spam, business or product promotions, liberal/PC theology, new age affiliates (including “Christian” new age and those affiliated with new age books on the power of positive thinking ) are not permitted. You’re welcome to your opinions, but this is not the forum for them. There are plenty of other places for the marketplace confusion of ideas. Here we strive to have unity in doctrine between the posts as much as humanly possible.

If the post fits these guidelines, please submit it.

Thank you,

Andrea Graham