A Brief on Homosexuality

How many of us have chosen which temptations our flesh is drawn toward? We’re all born sinners. What any of us chose is to walk in the sin and to embrace that tendency as an important-to-us piece of our identity. That is a difficult stronghold to break, whatever the sin is, and it can make it not feel at all like a choice.

Disrespecting someone’s feelings is not an effective way to persuade them. Do we feel the need to ram it down every sinner’s throat that their feelings are wrong and they choose to give in to sin, even if they didn’t choose to desire it? Do we always act like it should be easy to choose to break a stronghold and choose to go free?

We shouldn’t go to the opposite extreme of simply making people comfortable and happy on the way to Hell, either. We do need to speak the truth in love, but let’s try not to forget the love. The only thing as grievous as the false teachings that “lovingly” validate sin are when the Church sounds as hateful as we’re accused of being.

If someone takes what I said personal (it isn’t) and feels a need to go off, vent to the Lord, thanks. Peace to you all.