For All the Eves longing for an Adam (and vice versa)

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If you’re single, a Christian, and not called to celibacy, you may be asking questions like, who should I marry? Is there such a thing as a soul mate? Does god have someone particular in mind, or is it up to me?
To all of you, my heart goes out. I’ve been in those shoes myself. Let me tell you, ladies, you can have soul mates without reincarnation, because the Lord knows exactly who He wishes you to marry and had that man’s faults and weaknesses in mind when He made you. Likewise, guys, just as the ladies have been made for their Adam, God also has an Eve out there for you.

Unfortunately, most people today don’t seek the Lord’s will on this matter, and wind up under covenant with people they weren’t intended for and bound by their oath until death do they part. And He certainly does not approve of dumping that person without just cause (ie, adultery) when you figure out your mistake, no matter how wrong for you they are. Unless you’re in physical danger, confess your sin to God, get thee to marriage counseling, and make lemonade together. Amen.

But, back to the singles. If you submit the area of your love life to God, and ask him to lead you and guide you to the right man, he will do just that. It’s always wise to ask the Lord his opinion, and he will confirm the match, though how he goes about this can vary.

In my case, my husband and I, we met over editing my novel manuscripts, and behold, he found his name along with at least two of brothers, his father, and his mother, with the name for his father being the one the Lord would use. Coincidence, yes, but the coincidences stacked up fast. If I’d been a boy, I’d have been “Adam E.” too, for instance. The Lord prompted my mother-in-law to pray for her future daughter-in-law the same year I fully surrendered and gave myself to the Lord I’d until then only known as Savior. I also had a list of characteristics of my dream man (light brown hair, blue eyes, thinks I’m the most beautiful creature on earth, sensitive, artistic, makes me laugh, ministry-oriented leader, for instance)and Adam met the profile quite well. My youth pastor’s wife had a similar story.

In short, the coincidences got so unbelievable, we simply had to look at God for an explanation.

When Adam was seeking the Lord whether to ask me to marry him, the Lord confirmed it in a vision. Those are not a common occurrence for him by any means.

And the way our personalities, gifts, and callings mesh… I don’t know of any non-atheist who possesses any doubt of whether we were made for each other.

So while few will hear an audible voice whisper a name, He can and will show you, if you submit this area to His Lordship. Of course, timing can be an issue. If you ask him, and you’re not getting an answer, it may simply be too soon. He usually doesn’t answer the husband question (or the wife question, for the gents) until you’re actually ready to get married.

In Christ’s love,

Andrea Graham

P.S. The whole story of how God brought Adam and I together can be read on our new author’s site: It has pictures, too đŸ™‚

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  1. Thanks.

    I always thought (when single) if God found a wife for Isaac, He can find one for me.

    I read this because of the Christian Carnival.

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