Bipolar Friend Needs Medical Attention

Dear Andrea,

My friend Nicole*, hasn’t been acting like herself. She stopped taking meds for her bipolar and she is actually meeting guys online and having them come over to her apartment and having sex with most of them, this isnt just some trashy friend of mine she is a friend of me & Reba’s she went to church with us, but she is backslidden.

She has been very mean and violet and she punched Reba and cut her with her key!!! I’m scared of Nicole and ive heard her tell her son she was going to literally kill him.

What do i do!?

Scared in Ohio.

*Names have been changed.

Dear Scared,

First, if you feel the baby is in danger, call child protection services and report it. Also consider calling someone who might be able to take the baby and have them try and talk her into handing him over to them willingly.

Her behavior with men is most likely a result of her going off her medication. That sort of behavior is a symptom of the manic episodes of bipolar disorder. Some manics can also become quite agressive. Make sure your friend sees a doctor and of course cover her in your prayers. There is often a spiritual element to these disorders. In other words, her behavior could also indicate demonic activity. We’ll be praying for
your friend. Let me know how it works out.

In Christ,


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