Christ's Glory, Not Mine

by science fiction author Andrea J. Graham


What are trigger warnings? Are they bad?

photo credit: Giorgio Galeotti Non-Violence – UN, New York, NY, USA – August 18, 2015 via photopin (license) Trigger warnings have gotten a bad rap from abuse of them as an excuse to shut down dissenting viewpoints. This has tragic results for everyone. The growing lack of respectful debate leaves us all poorer off intellectually, […]

Coffee Cups Don’t Matter, Culture Does

photo: Progressive Christians are having a field day because one guy, an Internet Personality, has decided he’s mad about red coffee cups. Let me go ahead and say it wouldn’t be fair to call these concerns stupid. It’d be fair to call them extremely stupid. Let me say, you don’t have to have anything to do […]

“Haters Gonna Hate” or “Seek First the Kingdom”

Dear Andrea, Some fellow Christians I know and love have said critical things about Christians having their own “Christianese” language, their own books and movies,  their own methods for finding a spouse, etc. They accuse fellow believers who try to live according to the Word and defy the ways of our secular culture of living […]

If you’re asking where’s the limit, you’re over it

Is oral sex still considered sex as far as losing your virginity? My girlfriend keeps pressuring me to let her… –Anon I believe the optimal word in “oral sex” would be “sex.”  It would at the very least destroy your purity. Such an intimate act belongs on the marriage bed and is sin outside it. […]

Tough Love and Biblical Compassion

Andrea– A friend’s twenty-year-old daughter has made a series of terrible choices. Always headstrong, she began sneaking out of their Christian home in her early teens. First pregnant at fifteen, she’s now carrying her third child. All three children share the same father, but she divorced from, was jailed because of, and now lives with […]