Blatant, Shameless . . . chagrin-inducing promo for Laser & Sword

Gentle Readers,

In this season, when we often forget the birthday boy in rushing to buy each other presents to celebrate Christ’s nativity, I wanted to share with you an announcement posted today fairly close by at one of my husband Adam’s pet projects, which suggests the Perfect Gift for Sci Fi Lovers is Laser & Sword Annual 2008:

Looking for a last minute Christmas present for a lover of super heroes or science fiction? Trying to find something wholesome that will get the teenage boy (or grown man) in your life more interested in reading? Look no further!  Laser & Sword Annual 2008 contains Issues 1-4, each of this year’s quarterly serials. This year, stuff your stockings with a year’s worth of serial fiction at it’s finest in a beautiful 160 page paperback volume.

Meet our three maiden storylines:

* The Sword, Sword Comics owner Jesse Miller seeks to defeat terrorism by uniting the world’s greatest superheros. Will he learn bad guys masquerade as good guys before the traitor in their midst sends the heroes to their doom?

* Snyder, a juvenile delinquent living in the 78th Year of the Empire, loathes Earth’s dictator while hailing the regime’s American governor as a hero. Getting caught meting out vigilante justice gets him inducted into the Imperial Army under threat of a noose. Can a double agent get Snyder back on the right track? Will Snyder survive to discover his destiny?

*Lastly, Mild Mannered Janitor Dave Johnson discovers an symbiotic alien and this superfan’s dreams of being a superhero come true with hilarious results. One question haunts: can there be such a thing as a good Symbiot, even if he is a silver cylinder rather than black tar?

What would you pay to buy all four issues individually? $29.75* Order Laser & Sword Annual 2008 now, and you’ll get all four issues for just $19.50*. 

Tight budget? The e-edition of Laser & Sword can be downloaded for just $1.25 an issue–a great deal for the frugal tech geek that loves reading PDFs. Download e-issue 4 here or check out our back issues.

*plus shipping

Confession: I’ve donned the copy writer hat at Laser & Sword as well my usual assistant editor cap. Please forgive me for the cross-post. Now back to our regularly scheduled program (or should I say our feature presentation?)

Love in  Christ,
Andrea Graham