A Testimony of Healing

Thank you Andrea, for being here for hurting people. The devil is so busy at destroying God’s People, and afflicting hurt and pain upon them. All the advise you have given these women. I had been in these kinds of relationships for years. Praise God, for bringing me up and out. It took some prayer and calling on the Holy Spirit to heal me and to forgive those that hurt me. I knew I could not forgive on my own, because the flesh just wasn’t allowing me to. So praise God for the Comforter, who I called upon to help me to forgive, those who despitefully used and abused me. I am healed and delivered and blessed to put those heartaches, and pains in there finally resting place. I am no longer (Praise God) subjected to the hurt and pain and crippling fears those relationships left me in. God Bless you Ms Andrea, in all you do.Thanks again for being here for the broken spirits.

Hello, Denise.

Thank you for your kind words. We all need that encouragement sometimes! Honestly, the only wisdom here is the Lord’s, without Him, I’d be just one more broken heart. Although, in my broken home, I was the child rather than the wife, like many, I minister out of my own wounds, and He’s healing me, too! I thank Him that, for the most part, my husband and I have been blessed beyond the curse. Like everyone, we have our issues, but without God’s grace, we’d be in far worse shape. It’s an honor to be here.

Pray for me, Sister. When you become a threat to him, the devil seeks to destroy you, and I do come under assault.

Thank you for your testimony, I’m sure someone reading this needs it. As you discovered, leaning on the Lord is the secret to forgiveness; what is impossible for man is possible for God. We lean on Him by asking Him to work that miracle in our hearts,  as well as by praying for those who hurt us. As a wise person told me once, it’s generally hard to stay angry when you’re praying for them.

In His Service,
Sister Andrea

P.S. Merry Christmas!

*This letter was a response to Pray for those who Despitefully Use you