carnival of Christian advice – May 1, 2007

Welcome to the May 1, 2007 edition of carnival of Christian advice.


Ben Cotten presents Embracing the Pig Sty posted at .: The SoapBox :., saying, “The hardest times in our lives often turn out to be the most important”

Jon Swift presents Is Abstinence-Only Sex Education Too Explicit? posted at Jon Swift, saying, “According to surprising new federal report, abstinence-only sex education classes have had “no impacts on rates of sexual abstinence.” If these programs have in fact been a failure, I don’t think it is because kids were being given too much inaccurate information. I think the real problem was that they were given any information at all.” presents Why is My Cross Heavier? posted at, saying, “Answers to the oftenly asked question on why our cross seems to be heavier than other people’s.”


Tommy Bowman presents Coming Undone?? It’s Ok posted at Worship Dependency, saying, “Lead Worshipper Tommy Bowman writes about developing our praise habit.”

Comments: God works all things for good–including our falls, yes. When you’ve fallen, I can’t think of a better place to be than undone.

Marcia D presents sin foods: a Christian viewpoint of consumption posted at weltanschauung, saying, “In which the blogger has had enough of being lectured to eat clean meats.”

Comments: The Church’s latest diet fad, keeping some form of the levitical dietary law–is based on the idea, right or wrong, that it’s healthier. Marcia is absolutely correct, we’re not under any requirement to keep the dietary commands, other than don’t drink blood, that is, which is on the short list of levitical laws that carried over into the New Testament (the other commands reiterated in Acts 15:20 are to abstain from things dedicated to idols, from the meat of strangled animals, and most notably, from sexual immorality.) If someone wants to hold the bacon for health or whatever reason, they are free to do that, but it is not a moral requirement, no.

One does have to ask, though, if we believe our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, why does the American Church often treat our stomachs like landfills?


That concludes this edition. The next edition will be out on June 4th, and the deadline is midnight on June 2nd.

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