Ignorance and Spiritual Famine

Dear Sister Andrea,

I want to tell you of my husbands dream two days ago. He dreamed our Pastor was preaching. Our Pastor gets excited and runs around the pulpit a lot and in his dream he was doing this. My husband could see the Pastor but it was pitch dark in the church. He could see no one else. Nothing but blackness.


Dear Sister Julie,

Has the pastor’s sermons left your husband feeling “in the dark” lately? There are other things black/darkness can symbolize, but “ignorance,” or a lack of knowledge/truth, is what this brings to my mind. If this is correct, it would be very similar to another dream shared around here, where that church evidently had a darkness problem in their evangelistic outreach. Darkness could also indicate general sin, God’s judgment, or demonic activity, though in some contexts, it can have a positive meaning.

But most likely here it’s the cry of a hungry soul not getting fed sufficiently in the house of bread. Such fervor, if done as an act of worship rather than a show, is a good thing, but to a hungry soul, it’s no replacement for having good spiritual meat in the belly. In fairness, the problem could reside in your husband as well, sin or just a personal dry spell could be hindering his spiritual digestion, for instance.

You might want to talk to him about it. If he’s the loyal sort, he won’t want to admit to this if it’s true. But I’m not suggesting switching churches if this is the case. The famine is everywhere. Best to pray for rain (revival) where you’ve been planted, and seek fertilizer from the Lord, or perhaps the metaphor of taking supplements would work better.

One place to supplement what you get at church is http://www.rzim.org/radio/ where you can download a favorite program around our house, “Let My People Think” Focus on the Family’s http://www.thetruthproject.org/ is also good stuff, if you can find a small group, bible study, or class using their curriculum in your area. That’s one to recommend to your church, actually.

In Christ’s Light,
Andrea Graham

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  1. Dear Sister Andrea,
    I have been having dreams involving me and a male friend. And in my dreams i am pregnant and the always is a boy but he doesn’t have a face. In my dreams I always move to city in which he ives currently I vividly see our home and routines of our daily lives. We are very happy and in love we encounter an d issue with him cheating but it is quicly resolved and we move happily. But we in reality have only been talking for a month’s time and we are not in a relation ship.

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