Got a private letter on a favorite topic around here, divorce. My response here goes pretty much across the board: Dear VH1, You don’t hear from God because you don’t want to hear what He has to say. Regardless, He made His will clear in the bible. Unless someone had a literal or metaphorical gun to your head at the altar, you are bound to your vows to your husband until one of you dies, he commits adultery, or, if he divorces you. If you do leave him, if you marry again while he lives, it’s adultery. By your own testimony, you have already commitedRead More →

A Soulful Question How do you explain what your soul is to a new Christian? –Larry It’s sad this is a necessary question in this day and age. The biggest reason we have trouble with it is even most of christiandom doesn’t really get it. The first thing is, you don’t HAVE a soul… you ARE a soul. The soul is the essence of who you are. Without the soul, you are just what you ate for breakfast this morning broken down and repackaged. The soul is the you that views the world through the windows of your eyes, the part of you that willRead More →