Abba Father, Sorrow comes, you are God. Happiness comes, you are God. Anger comes, you are God. Peace comes, you are God. Poverty comes, you are God. Riches come, you are God. Pain comes, you are God. Pleasure comes, you are God. Whatever our physical or emotional condition, you are God, and we are your children, the sheep of your pasture, and you hold us in your hand. Nothing can separate us from your love. May we love you and serve you, and pour our hearts out to you today, whether we have joy or sorrow to lift up to you. May we trust inRead More →

Yesterday, we considered that, what the world tells us are weaknesses that disqualify us for ministry, and should be hidden in shame, God declares, through these weaknesses, he can do a perfect work so mighty, we ought to “boast” about these things. Today, on Christmas Eve, my mind turns along these same lines to a group of lowly shepherds keeping watch over their sheep by night. What were their great ministry qualifications? None. They were poor shepherds, ordinary people, and hardly in an impressive occupation. Shepherding was a grueling, 24/7 occupation that left little time for participating in the religious life of ancient Israel. TheyRead More →

 Dear Andrea, Since leaving a church some months ago, I have stopped praying and reading the bible. I feel slightly guilty about this, but the feeling of freedom is much greater! For years I forced myself to do these things, because that’s just what Christians do. In fact I’m pretty sure I have read the whole bible about 15 times through in my life. Recently though, I can’t handle pressure of any kind. I have not abandoned faith – on the inside it’s as real as ever and I have this sense of sharing my life with God as it moves along – but theseRead More →