Never ask Adam to write your advice column: Dear Andrea, My uncle left me a very nice ring. This man in a tall hat who says he’s a wizard suggests that I journey thousands of miles through dangerous terrain, guarding the ring with my life, so that I can drop it into a volcano. On the other hand, when I put it on, it makes me turn invisible, which is very cool, and gives me a lot of strength. Should I go on this long and dangerous quest, keep the ring, or sell it on Ebay? -A concerned Hobbit Dear Concerned Hobbit, Go on theRead More →

Dear Andrea, Every one at school is talking about Bloody Mary and they believe in her. I don’t cause I’m Christian. Who is she, is she real?Clara Dear Clara, Yes and no. As Wikipedia points out, “Bloody Mary” is a epithet for Queen Mary 1 of England, and earned it for her persecution of protestants. The ghost, however, is just an urban legend. I would not, however, advise taking part in the popular sleepover game (I remember my sister and a friend trying it when we were kids). Because demons are real, and these kind of games attract them. With any kind of ritual, ofRead More →

We’ve all recieved, from well meaning friends, stories in our email inboxes that, are, shall we say, less than true. It takes a couple minutes to check them out at resources, such as, but most of us think with our hearts and not our heads. I’ll admit, the commentary attributed to Ben Stein almost fooled me, in part because I don’t particularly care who Ben is. It also turns out to be half true, unlike most internet flotsam. Ben actually did give such a commentary on CBS Sunday morning, but, the story grew as it circulated and words he didn’t actually say got putRead More →