Childhood Ritual Not so Innocent

Dear Andrea,
Every one at school is talking about Bloody Mary and they believe in her. I don’t cause I’m Christian. Who is she, is she real?Clara

Dear Clara,

Yes and no.

As Wikipedia points out, “Bloody Mary” is a epithet for Queen Mary 1 of England, and earned it for her persecution of protestants.

The ghost, however, is just an urban legend. I would not, however, advise taking part in the popular sleepover game (I remember my sister and a friend trying it when we were kids). Because demons are real, and these kind of games attract them.

With any kind of ritual, of this nature, or from different religions, or superstition or curse, these things have no power in themselves, but , especially if you believe in them, it can bring demonic influences into your life. As a Christian, you don’t have to be afraid of such things. As Paul said, if God is for us, who can be against us? But it’s wise to leave the rituals alone. At the very least, it’s not wise to test the Lord in this way, and we need to consider others’ consciences. At the worst, it opens participants up to demonic possession/oppression, or grants the devil a foothold.

In Christ’s Freedom,

Andrea Graham
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