Dare I Go

Reference: Judges 7 and 8

Dare I go
Against the Armies of Midian,
The oppressors of our people.
Dare I face an army
That so outmatches mine.
Dare I go,
The least of my family,
The least of my tribe,
The least of my nation.

Too many?
What do you mean
Too many?
Were outnumbered as it is.
Dare I send home the men
With quivering knees,
Dare I send home those
Who stomachs shake.
I have no chance without the fearful,
And no chance with them.

Too many still?
How is that possible?
I have but ten thousand.
My cause is hopeless
As it is.
To send home more
Based on drinking water?
But if God doesn’t go,
There’s no chance.

Okay, so now you’re satisfied.
Now that we have three hundred
Before an army of thousands.
And all you give me is a vision
In the mist,
Of a loaf falling from Heaven,
And a fearful Midianite’s interpretation.
So I’m to run against a trained Army
With lamps and yelling.
Dare I go?

Will I be remembered as an Idiot
Screaming in the woods?
A madman whose life’s lamp was
Extinguished on a cold, bitter night.
A nuisance swatted
By the arm of Midian,
Squashed by a superior foe,
Dare I go?

There’s but one hope
In a darkest hour,
And that is beyond my grasp,
Beyond my power,
When my frail plans fall
To the ground,
I must choose to run
Or stand against the wind.
So against the mighty thousands,
With no earthly chance,
With God, I dare go.

-Adam Graham