Christ's Glory, Not Mine

by science fiction author Andrea J. Graham


Why settle for being normal, when you can be extraordinary

You are unique. So is everyone else. So being unique isn’t special.
If you are breathing, you are at least a little evil (flawed and imperfect.) So is everyone else. That makes you normal. Welcome to the club.
You are at least a little good. Some are so evil, they use even their good qualities for evil. So the more you grow up into the wisdom, purity, goodness, and righteousness Christ offers to us all for free, the more special you are.

So the most special people are gray-haired, physically failing, or otherwise at death’s door because they’re crossing the finish line of faith. They’ve traveled a hard, narrow road that few find, let alone finish.

That’s extraordinary.
Why settle for being normal, when you can be extraordinary?