God Rejoices Over and Restores Us

Lord, in Zephaniah, chapter 3, you told the daughter of Zion to rejoice for you had taken away the judgments against her, and we know, through your death and resurrection, we also who were strangers afar off are now included in your promises and blessings to your people Israel. I pray that you, our king, would be in our midst, and that we shall never again fear evil. Let our hands not grow weak, but let us thank you, the mighty one who has saved us.

Rejoice over us with gladness and quiet us with your love. Exult over us with loud singing. Gather those of us who mourn for the festival, so that we will no longer suffer reproach. Let the time come that you will deal with all our oppressors. Save the lame and gather the outcast. Change our shame  into praise and let your name be renown in all the Earth through us.

Let the time come that you will bring us in and gather us together and restore the fortunes of  us, your people,  before our eyes, as you have said.  May we serve you in humbleness at all times, and exalt you before the nations no matter what trials and travails come, let us trust in your name and your promises, for they are yes and amen, and you will accomplish what you have said you will do. Come, Lord Jesus, be present in us and our reality today. Amen.