Gentle Readers,

Greetings in the name of the Lord! I’ve added some links on the side bar to a couple professional organizations, first the Lost Genre Guild, who is sponsoring, or endorsing if you will, a “biblical speculative fiction” (Kudos to Frank Creed for coining that term) anthology, Light at the Edge of Darkness, which I have recently been notified has accepted one of my stories, two of my husband Adam’s, and a forth we worked on together.

Pay no attention to the young lady behind the curtain squealing like a high school girl who just got crowned homecoming queen.

Ahem, to supplement a side-topic we are beginning to cover here, book reviews, I’ve also joined the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance and will doing reviews for them in addition to any submitted to me directly.

Readers that don’t happen to be publishers or authors can ask me to weigh in on books they’re interested in as well, though my current budget limits me to review copies, those I’ve already read, or are available at the library.

And if you got here by asking google a question, don’t be surprised if one of these days I answer the question, as I keep tabs on the search terms used to find me. Or you can just email me.