Message of Comfort

Hello, Andrea

I would like assistance in interpreting this dream.
I dreamed that my recently deceased father was walking thru a yard of pretty colorful flowers (purple and white) and he was wearing a white suit. There were no frightening feelings in this dream. What do you think this means.


Dear Alg,

Unless the colors have personal associations for you, Purple is symbolic of royalty, and subsequently riches. White is predominantly purity, the white suit, my association with that is the white robes worn by the saints in John’s revelation. If your father was a believer, the dream is possibly just a reassurance that your father is with the Lord now. In general, he could also represent your Heavenly Father, or some aspect of yourself, in which case it would matter what your father’s dominant characteristics were or other associations you may have. If that’s a possiblity, what’s the first thing to come to mind when you’re asked what your father was like?

In Christ,
Andrea Graham