It’s back!

A couple years ago, I spoke off the cuff at my local writer’s group about how God helped me recover from an injury that had set me back professionally with the Web Surfer series. I later wrote that testimony down, along with a three part follow up, and my original publisher for Web Surfer had published the testimonies as blog posts, but those got removed when I had to change publishers. Bear Publications has re-released the serial as Avatars of Web Surfer but doesn’t yet have a blog. However, New Authors Fellowship took interest in my testimonies about what God had done in my life and taught me through my work while I recovered from a head injury. So my testimony is back online over there under the title, “How God Rescued Web Surfer.” (God has needed to do so repeatedly now, actually. This project has come under more enemy fire than any other I’ve tackled.) Go check it out and comment, please. Oh, and the three-part follow up will also be posted at New Authors’ blog each Tuesday for the next three Tuesdays.

Remember also we’re having a party next week to celebrate Avatars of Web Surfer’s re-release, and the party’s raffle is open to entries now. Activities that earn you entries include things like signing up for my newsletter (It reprints articles from my blog and notices like this one,) owning the book and leaving a review, and the latter requires reading it first, so please do take advantage of the opportunity to get started early.

One final housekeeping note–my husband, Adam Graham, is running in four half-marathons to support AIDs orphans in India at Heaven’s Gate. He ran his first race last weekend, finished in just over four hours, but you can still sponsor Adam to help the children.