New Direction

For quite sometime, I’ve had serious blogger’s block that is negatively impacting other areas and I’ve finally figured out why. God had called me to break my personal rules of being professional. Note I’ve been defining being professional defined as presenting one’s self as an expert who is perfect, has it all together, with no problems, weaknesses, or struggles. That is, to risk being vulnerable in public, making people uncomfortable, and destroying my reputation by losing people’s respect.

In other words, my rules of professionalism look a lot like the rules of an abusive family on keeping silence on the abuse and presenting yourself and your family like you and they are the greatest. No wonder silence is what “being professional” produced from me in the end.

There’s not a doubt in my mind that I will find where the line actually is by crossing it. I am certain my fears are correct on the natural consequences of obedience, but I am a fiction author. Today, people in my career are required to have a platform from which we speak and to develop a following. Five hundred or so Facebook friends won’t cut it. God’s stripped me down. All I have left to offer you is my pain, my brokenness, my failures and mistakes, and pray I manage to present it in a manner that will touch hearts who can relate and let you know you’re not alone. Hopefully, God will show up and offer us words of wisdom and encouragement through me. If not, well, from now on I will seek to be faithful to post anyway and hope God will choose to share with us through someone else. If I fall down and this blog dies again, I’ll seek to get up and start all over again.

Do you feel called to shed light on areas of your life that fear says to hide and give God the glory? If so, take this risk with me by submitting guest blog posts to me via a private message.

You can also help by suggesting blog post topics where you’d benefit from hearing of someone else’s struggle or difficulty and what God’s shown that person through the process. If I have one, I’ll get a post about it out ASAP. If not, I’ll request guest blog posts on that topic.

If you relate, please feel free to share your story in the comments. If you feel spiritually stronger than the author or another commenter, please respond with kind words that gently encourage us to continue to grow in spirit and in truth. Critical, disrespectful words that hurt without helping will be removed.



  1. Lovely so inspiring, love you.

    1. Author

      Thank you! Love you, too. (Readers, Carrie and I are related.)

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