Run 4 Heaven’s Gate

This year, on my thirty-fifth birthday, I gave up receiving presents and instead asked my friends and family to give a donation to, to help AIDs Orphans in India. In addition to losing their parents to AIDS, many of the children are themselves infected with HIV. If you have only $1-5 to spare, my birthday campaign continues until 9/20/2016.

I’m also taking a journey with my husband, Adam Graham, who has been training for the past few months to do four half marathons in four weeks between October 9th and November 5th. A half marathon is 13.1 miles, doing four in such quick succession is a very daunting undertaking. I’ll be his support crew, waiting at the finish line, and training with him some.

We’re also doing this to raise money to support AIDS orphans in India at the Heaven’s Gate orphanages. In that country, so many children are cast out to die in the streets alone and abandoned. The Heaven’s Gate orphanages care for them and provide food, shelter, medicine, and a loving home and family environment.

Run 4 Heaven’s Gate is a great opportunity to join hands and send God’s love across to the world to children who will never experience it any other way. We can help give them hope for future.

Your prayers are appreciated. This is Adam’s second time running it and it is a big physical challenge for all involved. Please keep us and Adam’s fellow runners in your prayers as we make this endeavor. If you would like to sponsor Adam, you can make a pledge at the Run 4 Heaven’s Gate website.

Image belongs to Calvary Chapel Boise.
Image belongs to Calvary Chapel Boise.

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