Christ's Glory, Not Mine

by science fiction author Andrea J. Graham


Chili Rellenos (Contains Dairy and Gluten)

Note from Andrea: while I’m swamped with adoption stuff, my friend and sometime co-author Cindy Koepp offered to share some recipes with you. Enjoy! Quico Piedra, the star of “Hard Knocks” and Joya’s bratty cousin in “Jewel Among the Stones,”* loves chili rellenos. Here’s a recipe for them… *episodes from Avatars of Web Surfer You’ll […]

A Question For You!

Originally Posted at Helping Hands Press. The Web Surfer Series,and the four novels that follow it, features a sentient supercomputer that uses DNA as a quaternary code installed in wetware. It runs from its hardware and remotely operates all other devices on its network. In the serial’s Vol-1, “Regeneration” it manipulates its maker into a […]