Note from Andrea: while I’m swamped with adoption stuff, my friend and sometime co-author Cindy Koepp offered to share some recipes with you. Enjoy! Quico Piedra, the star of “Hard Knocks” and Joya’s bratty cousin in “Jewel Among the Stones,”* loves chili rellenos. Here’s a recipe for them… *episodes from Avatars of Web Surfer You’ll need… Big, fat peppers (Anaheim, for example) Cheese (queso asadero or cheddar or monterrey Jack or … whichever you like) ¾ cup flour … plus a bit more 2 eggs 1 tsp baking powder Sour cream or salsa, if desired Big toothpicks Oil for frying   Roast the peppers inRead More →

Originally Posted at Helping Hands Press. The Web Surfer Series,and the four novels that follow it, features a sentient supercomputer that uses DNA as a quaternary code installed in wetware. It runs from its hardware and remotely operates all other devices on its network. In the serial’s Vol-1, “Regeneration” it manipulates its maker into a wetware upgrade from bacteria to its maker’s preemie son, Alexander McGregor. This marriage of human and machine has bad results for the child. He rules the machines, so he effectively has two heads; his organic human one is called Alex and his “metal head” goes by Sander. His system requiresRead More →