Thy Maker is Thine Husband

We got this one in our comments section from Sara Rodriguez on January 5, 2007

Hi Andrea,
For the past 2-3 years i’ve been having a recurrent dream(at least 3-4 times). I dream that my husband and I are trying to be intimate and there’s always someone who interrupts us. The setting of the dream is always different and so are the people involved, but the situation is the same. Sometimes is our children coming into the bedroom,sometimes is family members or friends. It’s always someone wanting me to do something. The last one I had about 2months ago, this time it was a little girl that looked like a southamerican(Peruvian) indian. All of a sudden i noticed her in our bedroom and I was afraid that she would tell her mother about what she’d seen.
The feeling in the dream is one of frustration. I’m not aware of colors in the dream, except in one particular one. We were in this big bedroom and everything was white including the bedding.
We have been married for 37 years and have 4 grown children that are very close to us. We are also close to our families of origin, and have a church family. What do you think?

Hi Sara,

The first thing that comes to my mind is from Isaiah 54:5, “thy Maker is thine husband.” The color white reinforces this impression. Among other things, white is associated with God’s majesty and glory.

There are other possibilities, some aspect of yourself, your actual husband, for instance, if that doesn’t strike a chord. But who your husband represents will be key to the interpretation. Once you have that pinned down, the rest of the imagery seems fairly straight forward. The act in your dream probably has little to do with actual sexual desire, and more represents the desire for a more intimate relationship with the person represented by your husband, but other relationships and people, such as your children, or a preoccupation with foreign missions (my association with Peruvian Indian, you may have a different one) are getting in the way.

Whoever it is, you may need to take a prayerful look at your priorities, and not let anything, no matter how good, keep you from having a more intimate relationship with our Lord–or with your husband for that matter. Balance will be key. Jesus had much to do in his earthly ministry, and many people to help, but he often separated himself from the hungry, needy crowds, to go alone up into a mountain to commune with the Father. It’s an example more of us need to follow.

Pray about it. The dreams should stop when you’ve resolved the problem. My prayers are with you.

In Christ’s Love,
Andrea Graham

p.s. I’d suggest you read Isaiah 54 sometime. It may be a comfort to you.