Meditation on Compassion

When [Jesus] went ashore he saw a great crowd, and he had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd. And he began to teach them many things. Mark 6:34

Lord, we are weak, but you are strong. We thank you that you are a god of compassion, who loves us where we are, who goes out after us and brings us into your fold. We thank you for protecting us and teaching us many things. We thank you for feeding our souls and binding our wounds. You are good, and your mercy endures forever.

Enable us to be like you today and have compassion on lost sheep as we once were, teaching those willing to hear all you have commanded us.  Open our eyes to opportunities to extend your love, mercy, and compassion to those who need it. Fill us up with grace and truth, so we can pour it out to others and shine in the darkness. Open our hearts to trust in you and feel your compassion for us and know you desire not to criticize, condemn, and tear us down for being as sheep without a shepherd, astray and lost in the wilderness, but to bring us back gently and teach us your truth.