Wheat’s Eating You?

I was dreaming that a stack of wheat that was already cut for harvest was bound around a mans waist as I looked closer, I could see grains falling from the stack then bees were all around in my face so I took a sword and tried to hit them with no luck until i turned the sword on its edge at which time I was able to cut one almost in half then all the bees came at me then i woke up but could move for about 20-30 seconds wander what this dream means

Stack of wheat could represent you, the dreamer, possibly good works, ministry, and souls. The grains perhaps could represent seed (souls/words) “falling through the cracks” or simply to distinguish the wheat from straw (which has a negative association, especially in terms of works.)
Bees could be associated with honey, buzz, gossip, stinging words (accusations.) The potency is doubled if you’re allergic to bees or afraid of them.
The sword is probably the sword of the spirit, the word of god, especially if it was double edged. It could be carnal warfare as well, fighting back in your own power and strength, in which case, I’d suggest the former would be more effective. It could indicate at first you’re gentle in your handling of the situation, using the blunt end, but when this had no results, you resort to using the sharp end. The reference is probably to your verbal response, with a movement from blunt to sharp.
Cutting in half, division, as in divide and conquer, also could mean discernment (dividing good from evil) or judgment.

In the natural, what’s the best way to handle bees? In my experience, to stand still and not make a lot of noise, in which case, after what seems like forever for Mrs. Bees-are-scary here, once the bee’s curiosity is satisfied, he moseys along his way. Besides correctly using the word of God to your defense, note the wheat is girded around the waist, which harkens to the first half of Eph 6:14, “Stand therefore, having your loins girded about with truth . . .”

If this reflects an actual situation, might I suggest you try the rest of the armor in this passage:

. . .and having on the breastplate of righteousness and your feet shod with the preparation on the Gospel of peace. Above all, take the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the firey darts of the wicked. And take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.” (vs 14b-17)

I can’t help but note the stingers on those bees probably feel quite a bit like firey darts. I’m also noting wheat is golden in color, and gold is associated with the truth as well. The truth may be your best defense.

As to unable to move for a few seconds, unable to move in association with dreams is usually literal—except in sleepwalkers, our bodies are usually in a state of temporary paralysis while we dream, and the effect could have been lingering. Fear can also induce such immobility (ever heard the phrases, “like a deer caught in the headlights,” or “scared stiff”?)

Hang onto that armor, we’ll be diving into spiritual warfare a little more on Monday.

Since it’s short, let me answer another one of these real quick:

Hey Andrea.

I keep having a dream about college and when i arrive at the gates everyone dies but then they spring back to life and laugh at me. Its kind of disturbing but also funny in a way. i wonder what it could mean? thanks for your help.

God bless,

Unless you’re currently in college or about to enter, in which case that aspect is probably literal, the association is usually higher learning (similar to high school, only more advanced and not so much association with immaturity), in biblical times, the authorities and elders (wisemen) sat at the gates of a city to conduct business, so the gates could indicate a position of power and/or authority. If the people in the dream weren’t Christians, their dying can represent them coming to faith in Christ. What you describe here reminds me of the symbolism behind baptism as well, where we are symbolically buried with Christ, and then promptly sprung right back up again in the newness of His resurrection. It could also be dealing with the way you look at death, and a reminder, for a Christian, death is not the end. We are dead to this world, but alive in Christ. It almost seems like a collegiate prank, with the laughter.

It could be a warning and a reassurance in the same breath. It could mean you’re entering a time of higher learning, ie, about to go through a bad trial (the connection is we learn more on this walk under fire than any other time) where everyone or everything seems to be dying (not necessarily physically), but the situation will reverse itself and afterwards you’ll be able to laugh about it. Buried in there (pun not intended) may be an exhortation to have faith and trust God to work things out.

In Christ’s Love,
Andrea Graham