Dear Carol,

Your husband is a classic case of how porn poisons a man and robs him of everything he once held dear. He’s also a classic addict, in that he denies having a problem and is in desperate need of an intervention. Since he has refused to hear you, do as the bible says and take one or two others from the church (such as your pastor and his wife) with you.Read More →

Dear Hopeful, First, I commend your desire to make your marriage work, though unfaithfulness is a legitimate, biblically sound reason to divorce, particularly if the guilty partner is unrepentant. If your husband had confessed adultery, repented, and asked forgiveness, in such a case I would say the law of forgiveness would have you to stay, but otherwise you are not bound to your husband in the case of adultery. Your husband’s disinterest is NOT your fault. That is what pornography does. Reality simply cannot compete with the fantasy pornography tantalizes the viewer with. Kept up long enough, and the man will inevitably seek to actRead More →