Gentle readers, Lately, I’ve been hearing, in one way or another, and from diverging sources, a single cry, ringing out. Namely, that the Church is supposed to be a family, but too often in America, it has more in common with daycare, a country club, thrift store, pick the business metaphor of your choice. Too many churches today are literally run as non-profit commercial enterprises and mean “when you’re here, you’re family” in the same spirit as the Olive Garden. We have people in the Church today, raised in it their whole lives sometimes, who have no, or little, understanding of the gospel. The surroundingRead More →

  n olden times, the servants who cared for aristocrat’s children wouldn’t dare spank their charges, but couldn’t let it go, so a servant child would be whipped instead. No doubt many an aristocratic child grew up spoiled, knowing they would never be punished. If they had deigned to be friends with such a common child, the young aristocrat might have thought twice and mourned that their friend would take their punishment.Yet the King looked upon this and grieved. For He had come down from His throne and lowered Himself to take the punishment His subjects deserved, setting an example for us all in grantingRead More →