Jesus, you are the word whom John’s gospel tells us was with God in the beginning and that you are God. All things were made through you, and without you, nothing was made. Life is in you, and the life is our light. Your light shines in darkness, and the darkness has not overcome you. You have come into the world, and was in the world, which was made through you, yet the world did not know you. You came to your own people, but they did not receive you. Just as we often face rejection, so did you, and I praise you that you understand andRead More →

What keeps us from praying and abiding with God? Sometimes, we like to claim we’re simply busy, but we make time in our busy schedules for the things and people we love, don’t we? So why do we avoid God? What are we afraid of? What are we hiding? Is it just God, or do we draw back from close, intimate relationship with others for fear of being exposed? Even the Lord Himself did not entrust himself to men, for he knew what was in the hearts of men, but we were created for fellowship and communion with God and our brothers and sisters inRead More →

I recently had the opportunity to read Rain Dance by Joy DeKok, a re-release of her 2006 novel , this time from Sheaf House. I have to say, I like the revised edition’s cover much better: First off all, if you don’t like books that you need a box of Kleenex near by to read, you might want to stop reading now, because I sobbed like a baby. Of course, I’m in much the same shoes as Jonica, who the author admits in an afterward is based upon her own struggles with infertility and shockingly rude people who make me feel either grateful for myRead More →

Dear Andrea, I feel like such a hypocrite. I’m a 30-year-old mother of two. Never very religious except for a vague belief in God. Family and exercise are my passions. A few days ago I was robbed at home by a pair of intruders. I was unhurt but left very tightly bound and gagged, face down and hogtied, in a closet. I struggled for awhile but soon realized I’d have to wait there for three hours until my husband and children returned. I’ve always been a very competent person and being all tied up was a blow to my pride and my dignity. (As theyRead More →

The jacket description for Forsaken, a suspense novel by James David Jordan, tells us: When Simon Mason, the world’s best-known televangelist, receives threats from Muslim terrorists, he hires Taylor Pasbury, a former Secret Service agent, to take charge of his security. When the terrorists strike, making a demand of the pastor that would shake the most steadfast saint, Taylor draws on all of her training to save Simon’s daughter. Along the way, she discovers that she is not the only one who has done things she would like to forget—and she is not the only one who understands that some things are more important thanRead More →